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Integral Sales & Marketing Masterclass

A FREE Audio Masterclass to market with integrity, sell with consent, and level up your business with holistic congruence (i.e. it feels good for EVERYONE, inside and out!).

You started your business to make a difference, to thrive, and experience more fulfillment.

Despite this vision and deep inner belief, you’ve found yourself dodging the *shoulds* and *musts* of online marketing that often sound like:

😅 Use FOMO messaging
📱 “You MUST post on Instagram every day in order to be successful”
🤕 Pick at their pain points
📈 You gotta pay to play (i.e. if you want to be seen you have to pay for ads)
🧑‍💻 Keep hustling!

But this isn’t you. It’s never been you and you’ve finally reached your edge. 

In this Audio Masterclass I teach you a new way forward.

I share why things are the way they are, cast a vision for the future, and outline four key steps to market your business with integrity.

Join me on this journey and rise the empowered CEO of your business.

What You'll Learn

➡️ What is keeping you (and most of the world!) from marketing with integrity
➡️ The difference between “soulful” marketing & integral marketing
➡️ The importance of knowing YOUR NEEDS when you market and sell
➡️ 3 key pillars of marketing and selling with integrity
➡️ How to find the best place to share your offerings and/or products
➡️ And so much more!!

Megan Colleen Johnson
Megan Colleen Johnson
Meet your Guide

Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello, creative humans,
My name is Megan, an Internationally Certified Life Coach for helping, healing, and high-achieving visionaries ready to live your freedom now.

As a small business owner for over 8 years, I’ve been through the trenches and back. I know what it’s like to have no money coming in and feel that #scarcitymindset like nobody’s business. I also know the opposite end of things when there are too many clients, not enough systems, and burnout is just around the corner.

Due to these experiences, I am incredibly passionate about helping you create a business that is steeped in integrity, is regenerative (actually refuels and pays you!), and is sustainable.

Along with my personal experience, I have my B.A. in graphic design and have worked as a professional photographer, designer, and creative marketer with corporate giants, New York Times Best Selling authors, Silicon Valley start-ups, lifestyle brands, and local small businesses and soloprenuers. A few folks I’ve worked with include: Steven Pressfield, Chris Guillebeau, Wilson Sporting Goods, Poly & Bark, Playa, Ramsey Solutions, Veramarx, gener8tor, relode, and many more.

What You Get

➡️ A 5 Minute Welcome Video from me to you!
➡️ The Audio Masterclass (25 minutes that will change your life!)
➡️ Your Printable PDF Transcript & Journal Guide
➡️ A personalized MC Portal to access the Masterclass on any device!


How much time do I need to set aside for this?

I have chosen to offer this Masterclass in Audio format so you can access the 25 Minutes of content whenever and however feels best for you. In addition to the audio, the journal guide offers prompts so you can take action on what you’re learning. In total, I would set aside roughly 2-3 hours to soak in the information and work through the journal prompts.

What qualifications do you have to teach on this?

I have run my own business in some form for the past decade. I hold my degree in Graphic Design and have worked in the marketing world professionally for 8+ years. Additionally, I am a Certified Life Coach with multiple trainings and certifications under my belt. Within this Masterclass, you can expect each of these skills and experiences to inform my teaching and reccomendations. You can learn more about me and my qualifications on my about page here.

It's time to market your business with integrity.