Through 1:1 coaching, I am here to support you in finding yourself again so you can:
✨ Trust your gut and listen to your inner voice.
✨ Communicate clearly and with more confidence.
✨ Set healthy boundaries + give yourself freedom to have your own perspective.
✨ Discover the art of Reclamation + hand back the stories that no longer serve you.

Emerge & Reclaim

What if you could hand back your overwhelm?

I work with passionate creatives who are ready to deeply trust themselves and co-create their lives from a place of inspiration, flow and creativity.

One-On-One Coaching

It's time to rise and reclaim YOU, share your voice with the world, and shine as your truest most vibrant self. Reclamation Queendom is waiting.

Through 1:1 coaching, I am here to support you in finding yourself again so you can:
Trust your gut and listen to your inner voice.

Communicate clearly and with more confidence.

Set healthy boundaries + give yourself freedom to have your own perspective.

Discover the art of Reclamation + hand back the stories that no longer serve you.

“Megan has helped me to see that I’m more capable of achieving my own definition of success than I realized. Prior to working together I had just gotten married, moved to a new state, started working on a new career, and so much more. She helped me find ways to break through my roadblocks and lean into my emotions on a daily basis. She supported me when I felt trapped in comparison and loneliness. She was gentle, kind and truly listened to me without judgement so that I could stay in action, always making decisions that will lead to my own happiness. She really helped me acknowledge my needs and take action on them so I could show up as the person I know I am. Her programs and systems are very organized and she helped me feel important to her as a client. She was willing to support me outside of sessions if needed and leads with such humility and grace. Megan is a heart-centered coach and knows what she’s doing to help you find the breakthroughs you are looking for. Megan truly helped me to feel brave.”

"Megan truly helped me to feel brave."

"Coaching with Megan was truly life changing!"

“I reached out to Megan after resonating with her message on social media and feeling like she could really support me with my goals. During our time together the biggest goal she helped me achieve was shifting my mindset around my worth and energy. She created space for me to explore what my goals meant to me and how I needed to finally pause and ask myself what I need in order to feel good. Coaching with Megan was truly life changing! She supported me in transforming my life by guiding me to look within for validation and to help me stop being so judgmental toward myself!”

"She helped me debunk my limiting beliefs"

“Megan really supported me in stripping away my tendencies of comparison and to step into my confidence! She helped me debunk my limiting beliefs and mirrored back to me that I am worth all and more! Our time together was intuitive, supportive, honoring, caring, and expansive. She asked me thought provoking questions that forced me to go deep with myself and figure out what was truly real. Overall, Megan was really thoughtful about her whole process. She sent me notes after our calls which allowed me to go back and see the journey she took me on during our time together. Megan is the sweetest human and really shows up with excellence and care.”

I reached out to Megan as I was looking for some thoughts and habits to change in my life and I didn’t know how to think about it or work through it. During our time together I had three big goals, to end everyday with content and peace, be the most loving and self-confident I’ve ever been, confidently align my finances with my values and abundantly save for the future. I truly think I’ve done each of these things. Our time together was truly eye opening, freeing and brought me so much joy. Megan challenged my preconceptions therefore opening my way of thinking. She supported me in questioning the stories I believe therefore challenging me to evaluate the framework I make decisions from, if it’s a place of truth or something off that needs to be corrected or displaced. These two things guide and impact my thinking which impacts my life. Working with Megan transformed my life into something more hopeful, more intentional, and more ME. 

"Working with Megan transformed my life"

Imagine waking up feeling at              again. Feeling alive again. Feeling creative again.


- what do you believe is possible?

Have you been told...

to pour out, to lay down your life, your dreams, and your desires to consistently serve those around you? Have you been told your heart and feelings can't be trusted and that somehow things will work out if you keep following the answers others have for you? Are you checking all the boxes and doing all the seemingly right things, but still feeling drained, disorganized and trapped in an endless cycle of self-doubt?

What if there was another way? An empowered way?
A path where YOU co-create a life of joy, freedom, and creativity?
What if you could become your own #reclamationqueen?


Playful Curiosity
Self Trust

The 5 Phases Of Reclamation

- 1x 90 minute kick-off call with me on Zoom.
- 60 minute bi-weekly sessions with me on Zoom (11x total over 6 months)
- 6 Months of unlimited Voxer support
- PDF Human Design Reading
- Lifetime Access to my Reclamation Academy App

What is included:

Join me in a six month 1:1 coaching experience crafted as a space for your Reclamation. A container where you can ask the questions you’ve been afraid to ask, pursue the dreams you thought were impossible, and envision the future you’ve felt was out of reach.

The Emerge & Reclaim 1:1 Coaching Intensive

Reclamation is yours

This is where you give yourself permission.

While every client journey is unique, all of my coaching is rooted in the 5 Phases of Reclamation: Playful Curiosity, Non-Judgement/Awareness, Self Trust, Integrity/Congruence, and Resilience. These phases have been carefully designed as a framework, a guide, to support your process and Reclamation.

If you are ready to hand back the boxes, the labels, the frustration and the confusion and consciously choose to believe in YOU again.

How do you know if this is for you?

this is for you...

You will notice your heart swelling, your mind dreaming, your body aching as you close your eyes and remember your creative ideas for the world, your passions, and the playful nature of your inner self.

If you have big dreams, but you’re not quite sure how to bring them to life.

this is for you...

If you know there is magic within you, but you just can’t seem to trust it…to trust YOU.

this is for you...

If you’re a go-getter, but you’re feeling burnt out from the constant hustle.

this is for you...

If authenticity is your jam, but the #peoplepleaser mindset has been boxing you in.

this is for you if you are ready to choose you.

If life is feeling a little stressful and you are SO ready to reclaim the joy filled, wild-child within!

this is for you...

this is for you...

As part of my coaching philosophy I seek to coach from a place of deep trust for you and your decisions. Will I ask questions, yes! Will I encourage you to feel into if your current beliefs are still working for you, definitely! But will I impose my own beliefs and decisions onto you, no. I believe in you and in your power to make the right choice for you, both spiritually and practically.

Do you have a specific faith or religion that you integrate into your coaching?

Yes! I believe that all folxs can become their own Reclamation Queen. Reclamation Queendom is ultimately about taking ownership for your Reclamation Journey and peeling back the labels society has placed on you so you can choose your own path.

Do you work with men?

If you think you want to work with me, but feel like you don't have capacity right now, apply! Let's chat and see if we're a good fit then determine if getting you on my calendar for in a month or two would be a good option. I often book out so applying now is a great way to start our conversation.

What if I don't have time right now?


Align & Reclaim

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