Making friends as an adult is hard.

From attending awkward meetings I thought were just for fun but ended up being a sales pitch (yes, this has happened…more than once!), to the real work of being willing to let your guard down and show up vulnerably.

Making friends and building a community as an adult is extremely difficult.

On my own journey over the past few years, I lost a few key friendships that previously meant a lot to me.

I had shown up vulnerably, but unfortunately due to old programming, I did not see the red flags showing that these relationships were unhealthy until it was too late.

After these experiences, I learned to look inward. To evaluate what true friendship means to me, and to become my OWN best friend first so that I could show up confidently and in my power.

As I grew (and grow!) in this I have learned to try out new situations where I am surrounded by like-hearted folx and to trust that over time deep connections will grow.

And it has been coming full circle.

I am finding my people.

I’m discovering a new level of community that I never knew before.

By stepping into a new self-confident relationship with MYSELF I have begun to establish and call in healthier relationships with others.

This is still a journey for me.

It’s something I’m continually noticing and leaning into.

But overall I’ve learned:

  • Showing up for yourself matters.
  • Setting boundaries for yourself matters.
  • Noticing who you desire in your life matters.
  • True, authentic, joy-filled, honest, playful, raw, community matters.

So, even though making friends as an adult is hard, please know: Your people are out there.

Keep showing up for YOU and you will find them…or even better yet, they will find you! ❤️

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