Rachel Saylor: Reclaiming Your Voice

Hello beautiful humans!

Today’s conversation is with a familiar face to the blog: Rachel Saylor! Rachel and I chat about her story as she reclaimed her voice through writing, her new book titled, “Fire Diaries”, and a bit about the freelance life.

Pour yourself a hot drink, enjoy, and never hesitate to let me know how this conversation lands with you via email or instagram DM!

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About Rachel

Rachel Saylor, originally from North Carolina, lives with her husband and Frenchie in Tempe, Arizona. When she’s not writing, she can be found snuggled up with a book, getting lost in a story or off adventuring to create her own stories. Fire Diaries, a memoir, is her debut book. Its release was on April 25th, 2020; the five-year anniversary of her and her husband’s home fire.

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