5 Steps To Hand Back Overwhelm And Reclaim Your Dreams

Sometimes in the process of establishing, planning and working towards our dreams (or just living day-to-day!), that sense of overwhelm creeps up and zaps away all of our motivation leading us away from thriving and veering us right into defeat.

Just like how we can become overwhelmed when our homes are cluttered and messy, we can have that same experience within our own minds when our dreams feel out of reach. The mess can catch up with us overtime–but there are also times that unavoidable messes pop up, forcing us to either move forward or stop in our tracks.

But overwhelm does not have to get the last word.

You can thrive and continue moving towards your dreams, finding peace in the chaos and wins even on your toughest days.

Here are some of my favorite SIMPLE tips to help you cut the overwhelm and keep focused this year:

1. Take 15 minutes each day to pick up clutter in ONE room of your home.
Make these 15 minutes both intentional and habitual. Clear your table, tidy your desk, or straighten your living room. When we’re caught in overwhelm often our homes, which are supposed to be our safe relaxation spaces, take a hit. Think of your home as your sanctuary and start simple with picking up ONE room so it can be a space you can breath deeply in.

2. Leave white space
Leave space in your calendar, in your day and in your goals in order to clear your head, allow for adjustments when punches are thrown your way and to simply give yourself time to re-energize and remember who YOU are and what you desire for your life.

3. Notice negative chatter, allow it, and let it pass.
We all have that negative voice in the back of our heads–telling us we are failing, telling us it is impossible and telling us to just give into the overwhelm. Note that noise and this time, instead of pushing it away, ask it how old it is? Is she 10, 15, 20? Who is this voice and when did she start? Often our negative chatter is an old voice who used to keep us safe, but was never released. Tell her thank you for serving you in the past, let her know you have things under control, she is safe, and is free to leave things in your hands now.

4. Focus on the 10-percent; not the 100-percent
The 26.2 miles that make up a marathon are not completed all at once. Those miles are each completed one step at a time. Your job is to get just a little bit closer to your goals in 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Your job is not to get the whole way there in one day. Think in terms of percentages: get 10-percent closer. If you find 10-percent overwhelming, make it 5-percent or even 1-percent. The aim is to get closer to your goals, one small step at a time.

5. Establish clear, passion filled intentions.
Take a look at what you desire your life to look like over the next 3-6 months and establish 3 key intentions for that timeframe. Notice what lights you up, what you REALLY want, and using those craft intentions starting with, “I am” statements. For example, “I am waking up every morning refreshed and confident” or “I am a passionate and successful business owner”. Dream big for your life and allow these intentions instill hope when your overwhelm creeps up.

Remember, you were designed to thrive and I am SO rooting for you!

Reclamation is yours,

© 2021 Megs Colleen LTD