Alicia Goodwin: Reclaiming my voice by carving out space for me (in work AND in life)

Hello, sweet humans!
I am so excited to share this new podcast episode with you today, featuring guest Alicia Goodwin. Alicia is a full-time Chicago-based jeweler with a background in Cultural Anthropology. She has a degree in Jewelry Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and she applies her knowledge of ancient techniques with her love of complex-looking ceremonial jewelry. With almost two decades of experience under her belt, and a decade of being an independent jeweler in her own right with her eponymous brand, Lingua Nigra, Alicia continues to fabricate new ways to explore bygone approaches to creating wearable art.  

In this episode, we talk all about reclaiming our voices and carving out the space we deserve in work and in life. We also cover a lot of other topics!

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Get ready to hear us discuss the following:
  • Having a creative career
  • Coming into your own as a business owner
  • Coming to terms with not being an “overnight success” as an artist
  • Lived experience as a means of education
  • Turning a vision into an income
  • The experience of being a Black artist in 2021
  • Navigating the ups and downs of various opportunities
  • The importance of doing your own research

Read on for a couple of quote highlights and our shout-outs from the episode! Hope you love it!

Pull Quotes:
“There are people who do overnight stuff and get really famous and get really successful and then they're people like me, you watch other people, and you learn.”

“Success isn't always about money. Success can be that I have this beautiful work that people were able to see and appreciate-- that’s what makes you successful, you know, and you're able to translate your vision from something. It’s wild that people buy things that are coming out of my head.”

“Just because they’re opportunities doesn’t mean they’re good opportunities. It’s about my time. It’s always been about my time. I’ve been, kind of, taking back my time.”

“Be nice, share, set goals.”

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