A 9-Week Self-Reclamation Intensive to guide you on one of the most powerful journeys a human can take: The journey inward. Within this intimate container we will evaluate the voices, models, and stories which are holding you back, expand what feels possible, and reclaim your right to be fully human.

In this space, all of you is welcome.

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Are you living life as your most alive, and confident self?

There’s so much we learn and absorb from our families, our peers, our culture, and religion—thoughts, beliefs, values, behaviors, and narratives—that we carry with us, often subconsciously.

As we grow, some of these learned characteristics morph and evolve, some we release, and some remain our truth… even if we don’t completely understand why.

Whether it be narratives that stem from society, family, or cultural norms, it can feel wrong to give ourselves permission to be curious about how we see the world, to feel the full bredth of emotion from anger to ecstasy. To pursue our biggest dreams and passions, and to step into our power as our most creative, vibrant, and most confident selves.

It can feel wrong to be human.

But we all deserve—you deserve—the freedom to reclaim your soul voice and to live as the fullest expression of you.

What if I told you, you don’t have to wait for the world, family, friends, or your workplace to change before you feel better? What if I told you that you don’t have to continue living life feeling*

👉 Misunderstood
👉 Ashamed for being yourself
👉 On edge, or at your breaking point
👉 Like there must be another way to relate with the world, with your family, with your friends... but hesitant to seek it out
👉 That somewhere out there, goodness and full expression must be available—but unsure of how or where to find it

*hint: this is me telling you just that. 😉

Your raw magic and innate knowings have been hiding beneath the surface for far to long and within this container I will teach you to reclaim your right:

🤗 To belong.
🎁 To want.
🗻 To lead.
🌿 To thrive.
🧗 To achieve.
💞 To love and be loved.
🎙️ To speak.
🧠 To know.
🧘 To be.

If these feelings, these rights, these Reclamations, resonate with you, I invite you to begin your Self-Reclamation journey with my program All Of Me (previously run under the title, Reclamation Is Ours).

Welcome To:

A 9-Week Self-Reclamation Intensive to guide you on one of the most powerful journeys a human can take: The journey inward. Within this intimate container we will evaluate the voices, models, and stories which are holding you back, expand what feels possible, and reclaim your right to be fully human.

In this space, all of you is welcome.

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Meet Your Guide:
Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello, creative humans. My name is Megan, an Internationaly Certified Life Coach for folks ready to discover their magic, stand in their power and reclaim their life.

It wasn’t until I began working with a coach myself, that I had ever experienced the type and level of support that I needed at the time to begin my own Self-Reclamation Journey.

I believe in this work. I will always be growing in this work. And I am SO passionate about supporting others so that YOU too can stand in your unique power and magic and reclaim your life.

During our time together, I will serve as a mirror and mentor in your journey to reclaiming you, so you can feel truly ALIVE and live life as the confident and empowered Self-Reclaimer you already are.

Megan's Background & Training

Reiki Level 1 Training (current)
Third Eye Energy

Neuro-Linguistic Programing (current)

International Life Coach Certification
Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Founder, Brand Strategist, Coach
THIS IS CLOUT & GRIT DESIGN CO.Client Roster including: Chris Guillebeau, Steven Pressfield, Wilson Sporting Goods, Playa, Poly & Bark, Lindsay Letters, Tyndale House Publishers, and more.

B.A. Graphic Design
Featured in and at:
Nashville Mental Health Marketing Conference
Keynote Speaker

Rising With Purpose In Life & Business Retreat Co-Host with Liz Pessaran

Climate Designers 
Meditation Facilitator

Columbus Society of Communicating Arts
Meditation Facilitator

Podcast features:
Creators Abroad, The Human Voice, Connected, The Pretty Truth, The Artist Pivot and more.

Purity Yoga & Wellness Center
Virtual Workshop Speaker

Skillpop Classes & Workshops
Workshop Speaker

“Megan really supported me in stripping away my tendencies of comparison and to step into my confidence! She helped me debunk my limiting beliefs and mirrored back to me that I am worth all and more! Our time together was intuitive, supportive, honoring, caring, and expansive. She asked me thought provoking questions that forced me to go deep with myself and figure out what was truly real. Overall, Megan was really thoughtful about her whole process. She sent me notes after our calls which allowed me to go back and see the journey she took me on during our time together. Megan is the sweetest human and really shows up with excellence and care.” – Christine T.

“I’m in a completely different place with much hope for the future! Our time together was truly eye opening, freeing and brought me so much joy. Megan challenged my preconceptions therefore opening my way of thinking. She supported me in questioning the stories I believe therefore challenging me to evaluate the framework I make decisions from, if it’s a place of truth or something off that needs to be corrected or displaced. These two things guide and impact my thinking which impacts my life. Working with Megan transformed my life into something more hopeful, more intentional, and more ME!” – Trudy W.

So, what exactly is Reclamation?

Reclamation is the art of reasserting a right. The art of peeling back what you’ve been taught and reclaiming your core self. The art of wielding whatever power you have intentionally and showing up in the world as the person you desire to be.

Reclamation is the act of choosing to become your (w)holy human self.

Your Self-Reclamation Journey

Over the course of five months, we’ll work through the Five Phases of Reclamation, allowing you the space to integrate and explore each phase to the depth and extent that feels right for you.

Alongside the Five Phases of Reclamation you will be introduced to the 9 Self-Reclamation Rights so together we can target your unique sticky spaces so you can reclaim your magical soul and embrace your rightful wholeness.


First We’ll Uncover The Stories, Beliefs, and Perspectives You Have Currently:

Month One:
Playful Curiosity
We’ll begin by establishing a practice of Playful Curiosity. Learning how to take things easy as we go deep. During this phase you’ll learn the 9 Self-Reclamation Rights and question how your current thoughts, values, and beliefs inform how these rights play out in your life. This is the foundation for your Self-Reclamation Journey.
Month Two:
Non-Judgement & Awareness

Next, we’ll exercise the practice of Non-Judgement. In this phase we’ll evaluate what we uncovered in our first month together with an invitation to approach what you’re uncovering with Non-Judgement & Awareness: everything means nothing until we say so.
Month Three:
The continued relationship with self; the invitation to trust your findings. In this phase we will focus on trusting what you’re uncovering, believing and listening in to your soul voice, and handing back the stories of disempowerment which consistently leave you at the “effect” end of the equation.

Then, We’ll Rise In Sovereign Self-Reclamation:

Month Four: Integrity & Congruence
After all we’ve uncovered, who do you want to be now? This is our shifting point from uncovering and evaluating, to embodying and integrating your new set of values, stories and beliefs that align with who you desire to be. This is where you embrace your power and wholeness.
Month 5: Resilience
You are out in the world, rising as the empowered, whole, and Sovereign being you are, but some bumps and new sticky spaces arise. In this phase we discover how to continue showing up for yourself with resilience. We learn how to honor your unique journey and process of Self-Reclamation, develop a beautiful commitment to living in your personal integrity and congruence, trusting yourself along the way, without judgement.

My philosophy as a coach: I trust you.

As a certified life coach and evolving human, I coach from a place of deep trust and the belief that each of us is at our core, whole. I believe that there is much injustice and harm in the world due to ego, unhealthy patterns, and unhealed trauma and my goal as a coach and human is to play a part in collective healing by guiding folks back to themselves. In supporting my fellow visionaries in reclaiming their soul selves so we can drop the act and live from a place of sovereignty and whole hearted humanity. We are constantly co-creating with the world around us, and this Self-Reclamation Journey is taking ownership of the co-creation.

It’s no longer letting the world happen to us.

As a life coach, it is my deepest intention to support passionate humans like you as you rediscover your sovereignty and reclaim your humanity. You are worthy of all the big-ness you have inside and SO much goodness is waiting just around the corner.

Are You Ready To Begin Your Self-Reclamation Journey?

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Here’s how you will specifically be supported during our 9 weeks together—

👉 Immediate access to our private Off The Grid Community.
👉 Instant access to the pre-program Workbook + kick-off playlist to get your Self-Reclamation vibes flowing.
👉 9x Live Trainings where I will dive deep into that month’s topic teaching a new concept, how to engage with the content, and how to best apply that month’s coaching prompts to your specific Self-Reclamation Journey.
👉 9x 60 Minute Live Group Coaching Sessions where you can bring all your questions and receive live group coaching.
👉 Weekly Coaching Prompts to support your rising. This is where the deep work happens as you peel back your layers and come home to you.
👉 Unlimited access to me within our Off The Grid community for coaching support and Q&A (typcial response time within 48 hours).
👉 Lifetime access to a growing library of meditations, worksheets, and bonus trainings to support your Self-Reclamation Journey scattered throughout the program.


I only enroll 5-7 humans per intake. Sign up now to reserve your seat.

“I reached out to Megan after resonating with her message on social media and feeling like she could really support me with my goals. During our time together the biggest goal she helped me achieve was shifting my mindset around my worth and energy. She created space for me to explore what my goals meant to me and how I needed to finally pause and ask myself what I need in order to feel good. Coaching with Megan was truly life changing! She supported me in transforming my life by guiding me to look within for validation and to help me stop being so judgmental toward myself!” – Tracy D.

“Megan has helped me to see that I’m more capable of achieving my own definition of success than I realized. Prior to working together I had just gotten married, moved to a new state, started working on a new career, and so much more. She helped me find ways to break through my roadblocks and lean into my emotions on a daily basis. She supported me when I felt trapped in comparison and loneliness. She was gentle, kind and truly listened to me without judgement so that I could stay in action, always making decisions that will lead to my own happiness. She really helped me acknowledge my needs and take action on them so I could show up as the person I know I am. Her programs and systems are very organized and she helped me feel important to her as a client. Megan is a heart-centered coach and knows what she’s doing to help you find the breakthroughs you are looking for. Megan truly helped me to feel brave.” – Erin T.

Throughout your Journey, you and I will move from a place of:

1️⃣  Integrity. We will hold space for where you’re at, AND honor the shifts you’d like to see and feel within yourself.

2️⃣  Curiosity. We will acknowledge the narratives you’ve been told and tell yourself, AND recognize that you are not bound to these narratives.

3️⃣  Empowerment. You will be reminded that you have the ability to take ownership of the power you have within yourself, AND remind others of the power they hold within themselves, too.

4️⃣  Ease. You will be reminded that healing and self-reclamation is deep, personal work, AND it can be easy.

5️⃣  Community. I will be a mirror for you, AND a mentor, as I guide you through your Self-Reclamation Journey.

It's time to invite ALL of you to the table.

Are you ready expand what feels possible, and reclaim your right to be fully human?

© 2021 Megs Colleen LTD