Austin Saylor: Sleep As A Catalyst For Productivity

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When scrolling through LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram it’s not long before I see a post or article about how a business owners work is never done or to see #hustle as a new shareable graphic.

Now don’t get me wrong, yes there are always things to do as a business owner, but with a constant hustle mentality, we are encouraging our brains fight or flight response to constantly be engaged. Overtime, this causes great distress to our bodies, our minds, our decision making, and the list goes on. As a business owner myself I’ve experienced this and have seen so many others battle the constant external voices speaking the striving mentality over us.

So, what if we turn things on their head?

What if, instead of striving, of hustling day in and day out, we pause.

We make space in our lives to step out into the sunshine and take a deep breath. We prioritize taking care of ourselves (hello sleep!), family time, and then work. We allow ourselves space to be inspired and refreshed so we can actually show up fully when it’s time to work.

Now, I can imagine this all sounds great to you right? But you’re thinking, “excuse me, it’s just not possible. I know my work load, I know my bills, and I just can’t do all the things”. I get it, trust me. I have been where you are. Last year, right around this time I was working 10 plus hour days, I had migraines nearly everyday, and my primary work relationships were strained and de-habilitating. I was #hustling but that lifestyle ultimately resulted in me needing to get help from health professionals and coaches to get my physical and mental health back to a place of owning my power and choosing to prioritize what’s really important.

But back to paying the bills…

How do we shift from a place of striving to royalty and power? How do we pay the bills and prioritize our families and self care? First let me say, it’s not an easy road. It takes time, it takes understanding what we can and cannot control, it takes asking for help. Each of us is on our own path and there is no easy three step process. Instead it takes diving into yourself, prioritizing one thing at a time and knowing that sometimes the budget will be tighter, but real change and real freedom starts by knowing you are worthy of having a good day. You are worthy of experiencing freedom. You are worthy of having a life and work that you love.

Ready to dive into this topic more practically? Listen to today’s interview with motion designer and course creator Austin Saylor about his journey in business and how he has established boundaries to prioritize sleep.

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