Carlee Brockman: Stored Trauma & Food As Medicine

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I’m SO excited to dive into today’s topic, and as a heads up, we’re going to get DEEP. So settle in, grab a cup of tea, and let’s chat…

Today’s topic is about the myth surrounding power and productivity that says we have to separate ourselves in life and work. In reality…has that ever REALLY been possible? It’s something we’re often TOLD we should separate, but when you see it played out in real life, often it results in emotional trauma and individuals with more problems than if they/we healthily integrated our emotions and past experiences with our work life. Please understand, I’m not saying boundaries are unimportant in establishing work/life balance. I’m talking about the deeper version of you, your emotions, feelings, experiences.

When we live in alignment with our whole being and care for our needs, both our personal and work lives flourish. This means working through our past, our various traumas (big and small), allowing the hidden parts of us to see daylight, and that also means learning to notice emotions IN the workplace and allowing yourself to process them in a healthy way. Our emotions are there to tell us something and to help guide us, and stuffing them doesn’t help anyone long term.

Let’s debunk a few of these myths in a little more detail and dive into what real power looks like:

Emotions – Emotions are often our gut’s way (our intuition) of communicating with us that something is wrong or right. Yes, there are times when it’s ok to cry our eyes out and there are times when maybe we should wait until we get home, BUT we should always make space to allow them. Why are they there? What are they communicating? Our emotions and our intuition work in tandem and we’ve already discussed how intuition is a force for good in our lives and work. Let your emotions flow and learn to listen to what they are saying, your whole self is welcome and when you embody your wholeness the whole world benefits.

Your Past – To some degree, most of us have experienced some level of trauma. And YES trauma needs to be healed, but your past is not something you should feel shame about. Instead, your past can be a powerful informant to your intuition, as you make decisions in your life and business. That said, it is SO important to release limiting beliefs and trauma that may be holding you back (listen to the podcast for more information on this!) But again: your past is not something to be ashamed of, it’s something to learn and gain insight from. It’s part of your origin story, but it does not define you. When you learn to integrate it (read: release what is not serving you and hold on to what is serving you) into your daily life, it is an incredible asset to your impact on the world (and don’t let anyone tell you differently!).

Codependency – Many individuals find themselves in a place of codependency at work and in life if they are empathetic and caring. I previously thought that trusting people implicitly, and dismissing my intuition in an effort to keep peace (being a “yes” girl) translated into me being a caring and nice person. BS. Allowing others to walk all over you is giving over your power. It’s up to us to harness our power, be fully present as the beautiful, complex and complete humans we are, and stand up for our thoughts and opinions. YES, people may not like it, in fact, people may HATE it, but if they cannot hold space for your opinions, thoughts, and perhaps even disagreement, that is often a reflection of their own need for growth and you just need to own your part.

Dominance – The opposite of codependency is becoming the dominant figure. Making yourself the powerful one and using your personality as a way to climb the ranks by overpowering others. Just like each of the other topics, when you learn to positively integrate your powerful nature, your impact on this world can be incredible. Like codependency, it’s up to YOU to channel your power and utilize your gifts for good. It’s learning that balance of Yin and Yang energy that I discussed in the last podcast episode about intuition. YES be yourself, AND move through the limiting beliefs that you need control over others. Uncover the fear that may be hiding inside, so that you can be responsible for JUST you, not trying to contain everyone else as well.

Ok, so WOW. That’s a lot, and we’ve barely scratched the surface!

Overall, what I hope you get out of today’s message is that you should always embrace what makes you YOU. To continue this conversation and hear from another perspective take a listen to the latest podcast episode where I discuss some of these topics with Dr. Carlee Brockman, a chiropractor, kinesiologist, and functional medicine doctor.

As always, so much love to each of you, and thank you for joining me in exploring these more personal and intense topics.

Reclamation is yours,

About Dr. Carlee Brockman
Dr. Carlee specializes in chiropractic care, functional medicine, nutrition, and neurology. In her office she treats patients of all ages with a variety of conditions and symptoms. In addition to treating neck and back pain, she specializes in detoxification, autoimmune disorders, hormonal disorders, thyroid problems, Sensory Processing disorders, Fibromyalgia, and many more health concerns. Dr. Carlee works with you to treat the underlying cause of your problem, not only your symptoms.

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