How The Enneagram Is Squelching Your Magic

Quite the dramatic intro, but I feel this deeply.

Within our society we LOVE labeling things: good, bad, introvert, extrovert, etc. We label things as a way to organize them and make sense of our surroundings. The labels feel safe, expected, and easier to grasp.

Unfortunately, our labels often cause us to keep things in a box and close us off from the nuances and beauty of being human. We unconsciously perpetuate systems that keep us and others from living out our magic. The result: INCREDIBLE tools (like the Enneagram) – tools that are meant to support us in understanding ourselves and our uniqueness, are instead used as a means of expectation and asking our fellow humans to stay in their box.

This is present in some heavy ways in our society, but to keep things simple I remember noticing this in a small way when I first experimented using swear words. It felt refreshing to call shitty things what they were, until a friend of mine informed me that cussing is not my personality and told me to reign it in. At that time I was not in the healthiest place, nor was I able to recognize other dynamics at play within this relationship, but years later this moment stuck with me because I felt boxed in. I felt the constraint of being a “good girl” which ultimately was a request to continue on as an outdated version of myself – to never evolve or grow.

When it comes to tools like the Enneagram, YES it can be used for incredible support as we discover our own nuances and navigate how we DESIRE to show up in the world. But we have to wield it carefully. Are we allowing our number to hold us back from growth? Are we expecting others to only act within the expected description of their number?

The thing about your magic: it doesn’t have a number.

How do you notice labels holding you and others back?
How would you show up and speak up without labels?

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Reclamation is ours,


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