How To Trust Failure As Information: Interview On My Perfect Failure

Hello creative humans!

Have you ever failed? I mean REALLY failed? The sort of fail where you go, “S***, S***, S*** I really messed up!”?

I have. A lot. And this interview is ALL about it, but we don’t chat about failure as *actual* failure. We talk about failure as information. Why? Because the best part about failure, and failing often, is that I no longer see failure as an existential crisis. Instead, I take failure as information, as a lesson in what doesn’t work, and a path that leads me to what will work.

Here is what Paul says from My Perfect Failure, “It’s okay to Fail as that’s where we discover huge growth and opportunity, failing is where champions, world leaders, business leaders and Industry leaders are made.”

Mmmmmm, yes, please.

Ready to listen in to my perfect failure and what I learned from it? Listen in below!

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