Jenna Dayle: Returning to Self, Writing, & The Power Of Words

Hey Friends,

Today, I have a seriously juice interview for all of you Thanksgiving travelers!

Really though, this episode is a MUST listen for anyone on the journey back to self.

This conversation with poet and writing coach Jenna is powerful, inspirational, and challenging. It’s an encouragement to tap back into self and to trust the creativity within.

Reclamation is yours,


About Jenna Dayle
Jenna Dayle is a poet, teacher & writing advocate from BC, Canada. Through her poetry, including her first book “In This Season”, she speaks for feelings & lessons that often go unnamed & unseen, normalizing them for her readers. She also founded the “White Wave Writers Society”, a community of people who are risking a return to themselves & their true voices through personal writing practices.

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