Jo ChunYan: Intuition, Energy And Boundaries In Business

Hey Friend,

Have you ever entered a decision where analytically and logically everything aligned, but something in your gut just felt off?

That sensation where you feel a sinking feeling, then shake it off because your brain immediately responds with all the reasons why this is the best action to take.

I know I have.

Two years ago, in fact, I recall an instance where I made a big business decision. In involved sacrifice, money, lots of work, and analytically it made sense. It drew clients in. It reached a broader market.

But something deep in my gut communicated that something just wasn’t right.

I didn’t listen.

A year later, that decision came back with a vengeance and my intuition was justified.

This example is just one of many that I’ve personally experienced where I’ve have had HARD FACTS that communicate one thing, but a small voice inside that shares another story. And I know I’m not alone in this. We’ve all heard the stories.

We’ve all heard (or told!) the stories when people say, “I should have known”, or “I knew it”. Well…if we knew it, why didn’t we listen?

I’ve found that this struggle with trusting my intuition is due to various programming in my subconscious sharing that intuition and emotions have no place in business decisions and that trusting my gut is a poor way to go about engaging with life.

I beg to differ.

Since that one major decision where I did not trust myself, I have completely shifted my mindset and tuned into my intuition in a whole new way. Not ignoring the facts, analytics, and wisdom of mentors and coaches, but instead allowing my intuition a place at the table alongside these things.

And you know what?

It has caused so many more projects and relationships to THRIVE. Client stories that are not just satisfied, but thrilled with the results. Beautiful new friendships that never would have existed had I not trusted myself and taken the leap to reach out…all because I tuned in to that inner voice. I empowered it and gave it space to inform my personal decisions, my business decisions, and my client’s strategies.

Ready to dive into this topic in more detail? Listen to today’s interview with designer and intuition coach Jo ChunYan all about intuition in her work, her life journey, and how yin and yang energy comes into play in all this.

Reclamation is yours,

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