Katie May: Reclaiming Redefining Motherhood

Greetings, Reclamation Queens!

Today, I am sharing a new podcast episode with you! In this conversation, I chat with Katie May, an avid lover of connection, coffee and creating her own magic. She’s an inspiring coach and mentor guiding mamas to embrace their true selves and live their best lives. She believes motherhood is meant to be lived in community and strives to create magical, open spaces for moms to come as they are, connect to their inner power and know they are never alone.

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In this episode we tackle lots of fun topics, such as:
  • Returning home to the self after becoming a mother
  • Guilt, shame and anxiety associated with motherhood and how we can hold space for those feelings
  • Seeking support as a new mom
  • Reparenting your inner child
  • How to connect to yourself, your spouse and your loved ones in the space of motherhood
  • How to clear yourself of the weights of others’ experiences and emotions, especially as a caregiver
  • How to create and dream as your own human, separate from motherhood
  • How to claim time for yourself in the chaos of parenting
  • And more!

Read on for a couple of quote highlights and our shout-outs from the episode! Hope you love it!

Pull Quotes: 
“How could I use this gift that I have of coaching people through the end of life, upstream to help them actually connect to a bigger purpose in themselves and LIVE how they actually want to live?”

“I think there’s a lot to do with shame and guilt and anxiety that comes with motherhood, just worrying about your kids. Are you messing them up? Are you doing what you should be doing? It’s so unknown. There is no playbook, for life-- or for motherhood.”

“How can we create a culture that helps moms connect to themselves?”

“It’s this beautiful thing, it’s like a drop in a lake, and it just ripples out to everyone else, when a mom is living into her full self.”

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