Kim Kimball: Reclaiming: Connection With Self & Others

Greetings, wonderful humans!

Today, we’re chatting with Kim Kimball, a certified life coach who helps ambitious women have thriving relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues by healing codependency, enmeshment, and hyper-independence. Uh, amazing, right? Kim uses a mind and body-based approach, coaching women to understand their patterns and return to a place of sovereignty, power and harmonious connection. She embraces somatic and cognitive behavioral techniques to provide a holistic approach to healing. Can we get a heck yes?!

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In this episode we’ll chat about lots of juicy goodness, such as:

  • Codependency within partnerships, friendships, mentorships and other relationships
  • Taking radical responsibility of one’s life
  • The story of Kim’s life coaching journey
  • Feelings of being loved and approved of and how to reclaim what we really deserve
  • Self-abandonment
  • Balancing independence and codependence
  • Control vs. relating
  • Why we experience guilt when reclaiming ourselves
  • Three tips for empowerment: 1) Validate your own needs first; 2) Reparent yourself; 3) Build inner safety and trust above all else
  • Setting thoughtful, safe boundaries
  • Kim’s experience with somatic practices

Read on for a couple of quote highlights and our shout-outs from the episode! Hope you love it!

Pull Quotes:
“I always kind of think of myself as a designer of interior spaces: both, like, homes and aesthetically; and what you see and in people's souls and life.”

“I started taking radical responsibility for my life. And I realized that nobody was coming to save me. Nobody was coming to help me create the life that I actually wanted to live in.”

“Relationships, for me, have sort of been the area of the most wounding in my life. And it's been there that I have most needed to really reclaim for myself, my relationship with myself and my relationship with other people.”

“Just because I'm married, and in a happy, committed partnership doesn't mean that I've got it all figured out, or that I'm sitting here like Buddha on a mountaintop, you know? There are so many things that I am still learning in the context of relationship.”

“I believe in taking our full humanity with us wherever we go. And fear is just a part of being human. It's a rightful part of being human.”

“I don't believe in pushing past fear. I think that we need to be with our fear and listen to what is coming up and be able to call our nervous system in order to not push forward, but progress forward, kind of, holding fear’s hand.”

“The salve for me, and for my heart, and for my soul, has been learning to connect to myself first. And from that place of being connected to myself, I've been able to connect to others.”

“I actually tell my clients all the time that if you feel guilty when you start doing these things, that's normal, and use it as a sign that you're actually doing something different, rather than the patterns that you have been just running out unconsciously, all your life. It means you're actually doing something different. It’s a sign that good change is happening.”

“We can rely on others. We can also be sovereign at the same time, those things are not mutually exclusive.”

“Everybody has their own unique language. For me, it’s being able to tap each client into how their body communicates with them and learning how to speak that language fluently.”

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