Linzy Westman:
Leaning Into Your Artistic Identity

The artistic life.

It can be a little crazy with a thousand ideas, your hands in all kinds of creative efforts, figuring out how to best make money from your passions, and that’s a lot to juggle in of itself…not to mention if you have kids.

In today’s conversation I’m chatting with musician and singer-songwriter Linzy Westman about the importance of leaning into your Artistic Identity and trusting your voice as you show up using your gifts.

Linzy also shares about her journey of balancing motherhood and her work and how it’s really an integration: allowing her kids to be part of the journey with her.

I hope this conversation serves you well and I’d love to hear what you think! Shoot me an email or DM on instagram and let’s chat through it!

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About Linzy Westman
A Singer-songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Linzy Westman is passionate about creating music that meets people where they are at and that guides them toward our Creator.

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