Madison Morrigan:
Reclaiming Self And Rising As Sovereign

Hello beautiful friend,
This month I am focusing all my efforts on cultivating content and conversations about Self-Worth, Stability, and Abundance…and this podcast covers ALL of these things.

Madison Morrigan is the very first coach I worked with and one of the first people who really taught me that is OK and even GOOD to trust myself and my voice. Since that time I have come to deeply admire her work across the board including her Signature Program Awaken Her Soul, her intensive mastermind Rising Sovereign, and her free offerings and resources on her website. She is such a beautiful soul and throughout this interview, her depth of love for her work and her people is so evident.

Within this episode we dive deep as Madison shares parts of her own Reclamation Journey including her deconstruction from Evangelical Christianity, falling in love with a womxn and how each phase of her life has lead to her deep belief in Radical Responsibility and rising as Sovereign of your own life.

If you have ever made yourself small and quiet for the sake of others, felt a deep desire to trust yourself and to reclaim your voice, this is for you!

Joy is yours.
Freedom is yours.
Spirituality is yours.
You are yours.

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Sending so much love and as always: Reclamation is yours,

About Madison Morrigan
Madison Morrigan is a 4x international award winning life coach, speaker, and creator of Awaken Her Soul, a 14 week mentorship program designed to help womxn embody their worth, power and fullness. Centered on self-responsibility and full expression, Madison coaches ambitious and creative womxn as shed layers of old programming keeping them small and finally come home to their true selves.

Madison has her degree in interpersonal communication with an emphasis in psychology from Missouri State University, has a certificate in conflict resolution and legal mediation, and is proudly Certified BYCA Coach.

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