Michelle Morales:
Becoming Your Own Dance Warrior

Hello beautiful humans,
Michelle and I dive head first into trauma responses during COVID-19, honoring our human experience, honoring the experiences of others, and how she uses the art of dance to reconnect to her body and empower other women to become their own Dance Warrior.

We go deep, but take it light.

Connecting and conversing in the both/and.

Allowing all.

This conversation is truly one I will hold in my heart as I hold such a deep respect for Michelle, her work, and how she shows up in this world.

Reclamation is yours,

About Michelle
Michelle Morales, M.S., is an award winning professional salsa dancer, consultant, school psychologist, and creator of Liberation in Motion, a psychology-based and personal development dance program. Through Liberation in Motion, she helps womxn and kids change the way they see and relate to themselves so they can step fully into their embodied warrior selves.

Michelle has dedicated her life to advocating for Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and folks with marginalized identities within the school system. She incorporates dance in her social-emotional curriculum to help students regulate their emotions, build self-confidence, and learn effective problem-solving skills. She is passionate about helping parents, professionals, and educators lead with compassion and integrity when working with youth who identify as Black and Latinx/Hispanic.

She specializes in conflict resolution, leadership, special education, mental health, and wellness. She offers 1:1 coaching and consultation, dance workshops, and personal development seminars.

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