Sahar Martinez:
Reclaiming My Career And Rising With Purpose

Gosh, I am truly so honored to present this next guest and our conversation together. Sahar has become a soul that I deeply admire over the past 9 months while we’ve journeyed together in a program guided by Madison Morrigan. We chat through Sahar’s journey moving from a career in Graphic Design then starting over to go back to school and pursuing therapy. There is SO much she shares just within that journey, but we also dip our toes into chatting about her current work researching post-partum experiences for women of color, and so much more! It is really a space of raw experience that is yet a deep breath as we witness from Sahar’s story how self-reclamation is possible.

Reclamation is ours,

About Sahar

Sahar (@saharmartinezmft) is a licensed marriage and family therapist, professor of diversity, podcast host, and a mama of two wild boys. For the last decade, she has been supporting women and couples as they transition into their unique journey into parenthood. Sahar’s clinical focus includes perinatal mental health, working with diverse populations, and attachment-focused, trauma-informed therapy. Sahar is deeply passionate about guiding women in their reclamation of self in addition to the endless roles they often take on as partners, mothers, sisters, and friends.

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