Sarah Black: Small Business As A Vehicle For Good

Hey Friends,

I just wrapped up editing this months podcast with the fabulous creator Sarah Black, the founder of MADE, and I have got to tell you, the overarching messages that I felt throughout our conversation have me feeling refreshed and excited to share this new episode with you!

During our conversation, the first theme I noted is the importance of entering the small business lifestyle with curiosity. Every day holds unique challenges when you are running a business, and a key part of thriving in that type of environment is entering the day with a curious frame of mind. What will the day hold? How can I show up as my best self? What energy do I need to hand back so that I can best care for my people and myself? What tasks should be my top priority so my business can continue moving forward?

It’s not an easy step to learn. It takes time to feel comfortable with uncertainty, but when we can step into life with a curious attitude, it creates so much more breathing space for connection, growth, love, and you’ll be more perceptive to detect opportunities within challenges.

The second theme I pulled from our conversation is that we’re all human and on this journey together. The more we learn to connect and hold space for others, no matter where they are on their journey, the more we can build a community of people with whom we can share these life experiences. Does that mean everyone is supportive of us and should partner with us? Not necessarily, but it means that we can show up ready to collaborate and set boundaries as needed. Just like curiosity, holding space and journeying with others is an art and takes time to learn, but every time we learn from a relationship and use our observations as a way to enter the world as our best self, the more we are going to find ourselves feeling connected and stable in the healthiest way.

Lastly, our conversation theme, “Small Business As A Vehicle For Good” acted as a conduit for both of these ideas: reclaiming a mindset of curiosity results in increased perception of possibilities and acceptance of ourselves and others, and learning to embody our authentic human selves. When we do those two things, the outpouring is that we are a vehicle for good. Our work, our business, our presence, are vehicles for good when we show up fully human. Our work, our businesses, our presence are vehicles for good when we enter life and work with curiosity and not from a place of fear or control. The two primary themes lend themselves to “goodness” because when we strip back our ego and the many layers of programming that make us, we reach our beautiful, whole, and fabulous core selves.

Reclamation is yours,

About Sarah Black And MADE
I have always been driven by an insatiable curiosity, and from a young age I started to evaluate how I could improve upon my surroundings. In my youth, I fed my creativity by participating in painting, piano lessons, singing, and sewing. As my knowledge and experience expanded, I started to make custom bags for my friends; I was fascinated by the ability of a bag to communicate the character of its owner. After graduating from college, I followed my passion and was able to launch an official brand of bags and purses that spoke to my practical and functional aesthetic.

Made now strives to provide products that flaunt quality materials, minimalist designs, and a mix of leather and international textiles while supporting local and global causes.

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