Sterling Rose: Reclaiming Passion and Finding Flow (through breathwork, nature immersion, and art creation)

Greetings, my darling Self-Reclaimers!

I am so excited to share this episode with you today, featuring guest Sterling Rose. Sterling is a multifaceted artist who specializes in land art and photography, marrying her love of mindfulness and nature with her talents in the arts. Her energy, her spirit, is so light and soft, and she is just one of those people you want in your circle!

Sterling is also a certified breathwork instructor and offers some amazing healing courses and sessions. She’s settled in the Pacific Northwest and every day works towards bringing folks back to the simplicity of nature, hoping to heal, inspire and empower individuals to feel like the true works of art that they are. We cover a lot of fun topics in this episode!

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You can look forward to hearing about the following:
  • Moving from a corporate environment to a creative, heart-led lifestyle
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • The connection between art and healing
  • The relationship between passion and flow
  • Self worth, and how following our passions is an act of true self love
  • Trying and failing our way to success
  • Allowing work to turn into passion and play
  • The beauty of self awareness
  • Quieting the “starving artist” mentality in creative careers
  • Incorporating meditation and breathwork into daily life/practice
  • Sterling’s creative and intuitive photography practice
  • Grounding - or “earthing” - practices
  • A quick heart-opening breathwork practice!

Read on for a couple of quote highlights and our shout-outs from the episode! Hope you love it!

Pull Quotes:
“It really all did start with just dedicating time within and time back to my arts practice. That really led me to jumping off the cliff and quitting my job.”

“To me, art is really just freedom. It feels like you are coming from a place of wholeness. And when you're able to express yourself and do creative pursuits, especially when it's not tied to a specific outcome.”

“Passion, for me, is really allowing yourself to be expressive and to trust that if you follow those threads in life that you're drawn to, and you show up authentically, that everything will come to you.”

“I deserve to live a life that feels good. I deserve to share my work with others, I deserve to be in service.”

“Art is so, so broad in my mind. It’s more just about finding your passion and really feeling like you should go for it. And in order to kind of pinpoint when that transition needs to happen, it usually comes with, like, a low point in life, like a rock bottom of sorts, where you're just feeling like, stuck in life or not excited to go to work, you know, feeling like there's something more.”

“There are two questions I have people ask themselves: What do you stay up at night researching and reading about learning about? And what would you do for free because you love it so much?”

“It’s all about holding on to the moments in life where you feel like you're in a river, and you're moving along, and you kind of forget hours in the day, and you're just kind of in the zone. And that's what being in flow feels like.”

“Recognition of failure is okay. And nothing is actually ever failure. It's all just learning.”

“The intelligence that exists within your body is also very much tied to your subconscious - it’s a really powerful connection.”

“[My photography sessions] are very much about the experience of learning to be in your body to be cradled by nature, and then to have this piece of art that represents that experience for you.”

“You can’t create from a place of chaos, a place of distraction.”

“It’s okay to trust yourself. Tell yourself that every single day, that you trust yourself, and it will come to be true.”

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