Terri Connellan: Reclaiming Wholeheartedness

Greetings, my darling Self-Reclaimers!

Greetings, friends! Can you believe we’ve made it to December? Wow! Take a big, deep breath. I’m so proud of you. To round out our year of podcast episodes, we’ve got a good one for you today. I sat down to chat with Terri Connellan. Terri is an author, creative transition coach, teacher and accredited psychological type practitioner who specializes in creativity, personality and self-leadership-- especially for midlife women in transition to a life with deeper purpose. Terri works globally through her creative business, Quiet Writing. Her book, Wholehearted and the Companion Workbook are published by the kind press.

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We dive into some great topics in this episode, including:
  • Beautiful home offices that look like libraries
  • Becoming a published author
  • Changing careers
  • Embracing a beginner’s mindset
  • What it feels like to leave yourself behind
  • The beauty of our past experiences informing how we move forward
  • Terri’s values of creativity, self leadership and personality
  • What it means to be a psychological type practitioner
  • Tools like Tarot, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, human design, etc.
  • Honoring creativity and self expression in your life
  • Listening to the frivolous

Read on for a couple of quote highlights and our shout-outs from the episode! Hope you love it!

Pull Quotes:
“My work is around creating your story, and your work is around reclaiming your story. I think there are fantastic synergies between those two ways of looking at the world.”  ---- 5:21

“When you spend a long time in one place in one organization, or in one sort of career path, even though I had lots of different iterations, my identity was very much stitched into that work. I was successful in that work. And I enjoyed it for a long time. But what I really struggled with, and what I share in my book, Wholehearted was how I struggled just to make space and time for what was really important.” ---- 6:04

“I think sometimes when we're working hard for others, we can lose touch with what's important for us.” ---- 7:45

“When we start that change, we're not always clear on what the direction is, but we've focused on the forward.” ----11:19

“So even though I enjoyed success, enjoyed my role, it was just really realizing that there was more important work for me to do in the world.” ---- 12:54

“I just find that in midlife, it's a time when often the things -- whether it's our career trajectory, whether it's our personality-- everything's starting to change, and it's quite a volatile mix.” ---- 14:17

“And I realized that I was on this, this journey to connect back with what feels wholehearted for me. What feels aligned, would be fulfilling what's in line with my personality, and what I want to create in the world. So partly, it's about legacy. It's about calling what we have felt called to do for many years that we haven't gotten around to? What's got in the way of that pathway? And how can we now make a transition to feeling more wholehearted in the world? To feeling more fulfilled, and to getting to what's important to us.” ----15:57

“If you look at a tarot deck, there's 78 cards, some are super, super positive and inspiring. And some are like, well, here's, here's a really shadowy part of your life you might want to look at, and it's the same with personality type. There are these particular aspects we can identify as our strengths. So for me, it's introverted, intuitive. And there's other aspects of our personality that are not so strong. But if we can sort of shed light on those unconscious things, then that's how we can really get whole.” ---- 21:14

“If we can understand the way that we're wired from a psychological type person or personality point of view, it just provides us with some tools for looking at the things that we are really strong at but also where our blind spots might be.” ---- 24:37

“I think one of the biggest challenges of going through the whole journey to wholeheartedness, or to reclaiming what's important for us, is: it requires going through uncertainty. And it requires patience.” ---- 36:28

“Take some time to have a think about your strengths… I use that as a lens, generally, on working with our gifts, but also being self compassionate, because none of us are good at everything. You know, strengths are strengths for a reason.” --- 40:25

“I encourage people to tap into the wisdom of whatever creative urges are there and make time for them.” ---- 45:23

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