The 5 Phases Of Self-Reclamation: Interview On The Craft Wellness Podcast

Hey Friends!
Today I’m sharing an interview I had with Tif over on the Craft Wellness Podcast. In our conversation we took a tour through each of the 5 Phases Of Self-Reclamation so you can here the process I use with my 1:1 clients, are really what most of my offerings are rooted in. This is my step-by-step process to Self-Reclamation. Ready to dive in?

In this episode we go through these phases rather conversationally (it is a podcast after all!), but if you want to take things even deeper you can purchase my self-guided Coach Yourself To Reclamation Toolkit for only $27. This kit includes an audio training to walk you through each of the phases, a 6 Page Ebook/Journal Guide to implement what you’ve learned, AND a Curated Bilateral Playlist to support your mind in reprogramming new neural pathways. Check it out and purchase HERE.

Reclamation is yours,

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