One month (December 1st-December 31st) of 1:1 Coaching via the app Voxer to help you show up powerfully, navigate hard conversations, and step into the holidays with unshakeable self-assurance.

Enrollment Closes December 1st At Midnight

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Hanging on the wall by thin but hearty wires were two, hundred-year-old, frames.

Intricate, detailed, made with care, and intentional craftsmanship still holding the same glass they carried when they were initially formed. Their simple, sure, and steady presence spoke volumes.

“Do no harm.”

That’s what the shop owner told me.

“I care for these frames from a place of ‘do no harm.’ I will only sell them if you purchase the two together because they are crafted to be together. Additionally, you must promise to not replace the original glass.”

What if we tended to ourselves with the same level of care: Do no harm.

What if we allowed the art of our lives to shift and change as we grow and learn, but all the while we tended carefully to our “frame”, our being, our mind, and our wholeness?


What if we treated ourselves as the sacred beings we truly are?

As we near the holiday season, I’m curious: what is your action plan to tend powerfully to YOU?

👉 Family gatherings are drawing near.
👉 Friendsgiving has entered its planning stage.
👉  Work parties are upon us.

And while these are often incredibly fun times, they also bring with them sticky conversations, awkward pauses due to political stabs, and pressure to be, do or act differently to make things more comfortable for everyone else.

But what about wholeness? Integrity? And self-tending?

This holiday season, how are you going to take care of the “frame” of you so you can truly thrive, right here and now?

I am proud to share that I have taken on the responsibility of tending to those two, magnificent, hundred-year-old frames and as I prepare to hang them on my walls, I also want to invite you into a time of support, self-assurance and thriving.

One month (December 1st-December 31st) of 1:1 Coaching via the app Voxer to help you show up powerfully, navigate hard conversations, and step into the holidays with unshakeable self-assurance.

Enrollment Closes December 1st At Midnight

<< Yes Please! >

Meet Your Guide:
Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello love, I’m Megan Colleen Johnson, and as a Life, Leadership & Self-Reclamation Coach, I have the privilege of supporting folks as they reclaim their innate wholeness and rise as the leader of their own life. Together, we have a fun ol’ time making their unconscious beliefs conscious so they can co-create the life of their dreams instead of letting life happen to them.

As an Internationally Certified Life Coach trained in Human Design, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, and as a fellow Self-Reclaimer, I deeply believe you don’t have to continue feeling like *really living* is always just out of reach.

During our time together, I will serve as a mirror and mentor so you can feel truly ALIVE and live life as the confident and empowered Self-Reclaimer you already are.

While coaching with Megan, I created a beautiful balance between my work/home life that I am really proud of. I was able to set boundaries, become a better teacher, and help students and staff from a place of joy and not a place of obligation! I had what I thought was an impossible hope, but I found creative ways to add more exercise, personal time, and creative time, all without taking time away from my family! I was able to get in touch with ME again! Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in our titles, mom, teacher, wife, and through coaching, I became better at those roles AND found space for myself. I gained the confidence of a younger version of myself…I could go on and on! I love that Megan doesn’t tell you what to think, what to believe, what to prioritize, that is on me, and she helps teach me tools, asks questions, and provides a space to talk out loud and creatively problem solve…AND she helped shine a light on human behavior, revealing how everyone has their own baggage, and most of the time, it has nothing to do with you! Understanding this helped me unchain myself from feeling responsible for friendship loss over the years.” – Katie D.

“When I began working with Megan I knew I wanted to get crystal clear about what I wanted out of life. I had experienced a series of big life changes that left me unbalanced and unsure about what I wanted to accomplish next. So, It was important for me to gain some perspective about what I wanted to accomplish professionally and personally. Specifically, I wanted to set goals that helped me: find fulfillment in work, have more confidence in making decisions, integrate healthier practices weekly to better my mental, physical and financial life, and develop practical disciplines to develop my talent. My time coaching with Megan was restorative, challenging, supportive, reflective and empowering. She challenged me to dig in, reflect and answer big questions that helped to define my voice and set healthy boundaries. Through this series, I discovered how to trust myself and set attainable goals that are helping me purposefully move forward in work and life. She communicated clearly with me and was deeply connected and available for whatever thoughts and questions I had. It was truly amazing! – Joannah S.

Our world continues to navigate massive change and it does not appear to be calming down anytime soon, but we can rise resiliently. With wholeness. With assurance. With inner stability.  Thriving amidst the discomfort and living our freedom right here, and right now.


And, dare I say, having some fun doing it - what’s the purpose of having a stunning and supported “frame” without some magical art inside it! ;)

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Here’s how you will specifically be supported during our months together—

👉 1 Month (December 1st-December 31st) of one-on-one access to me on the app Voxer. Reach out for support, move towards your goals, breakthrough blocks, NOTHING is off the table. My usual response time is within 24 hours during weekdays. We can go SO far in 60 days (we’re talking lifetime transformation!) and I cannot WAIT to dive in!
👉 1 week prior to our start date you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin.

Say yes to a holiday full of laughter, thriving, and living into your most alive and whole self!

<<Let’s do this!>>

“I reached out to Megan after resonating with her message on social media and feeling like she could really support me with my goals. During our time together the biggest goal she helped me achieve was shifting my mindset around my worth and energy. She created space for me to explore what my goals meant to me and how I needed to finally pause and ask myself what I need in order to feel good. Coaching with Megan was truly life changing! She supported me in transforming my life by guiding me to look within for validation and to help me stop being so judgmental toward myself!” – Tracy D.

“Megan has helped me to see that I’m more capable of achieving my own definition of success than I realized. Prior to working together I had just gotten married, moved to a new state, started working on a new career, and so much more. She helped me find ways to break through my roadblocks and lean into my emotions on a daily basis. She supported me when I felt trapped in comparison and loneliness. She was gentle, kind and truly listened to me without judgement so that I could stay in action, always making decisions that will lead to my own happiness. She really helped me acknowledge my needs and take action on them so I could show up as the person I know I am. Her programs and systems are very organized and she helped me feel important to her as a client. Megan is a heart-centered coach and knows what she’s doing to help you find the breakthroughs you are looking for. Megan truly helped me to feel brave.” – Erin T.

Throughout our time together, you and I will move from a place of:

1️⃣  Integrity. We will hold space for where you’re at, AND honor the shifts you’d like to see and feel within yourself.

2️⃣  Curiosity. We will acknowledge the narratives you’ve been told and tell yourself, AND recognize that you are not bound to these narratives.

3️⃣  Empowerment. You will be reminded that you have the ability to take ownership of the power you have within yourself, AND remind others of the power they hold within themselves, too.

4️⃣  Ease. You will be reminded that healing and self-reclamation is deep, personal work, AND it can be easy.

5️⃣  Community. I will be a mirror for you, AND a mentor, as I guide you through your Self-Reclamation Journey.


Pay in Full:
One Payment of $499 USD

Yup, this is exactly what is sounds like! These days, I have a no refund policy because I love folks who are all in (we’re talking a Hell Yes or a Hell No). By making a payment on this service you are agreeing to this policy. Ready? Let’s play!

It’s time to tend to your “frame” so that you can step into the holidays with unshakeable self-assurance.

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