Tunteeya Yamaoka:
Holistic Approaches to Mental Health

Hey Friends,
Happy 2020! This month I have a wonderful guest that I was honored to chat with, Tunteeya Yamaoka, the founder of Ikigai Psychology and an advocate for holistic approaches to mental health. She has such a refreshing perspective when it comes to mental health and I was able to take away so much from our conversation together. I have become increasingly interested in the mind body connection and how our bodies store and process trauma and loved the insight Tunteeya provided with her Psychology education. Along with that, I LOVED how her story included such incredible mentors who supported her along the way (I mean really, what would we do without mentors and coaches!!).

Enjoy this episode and I hope it supports you on your journey!

Reclamation is yours,

About Tunteeya Yamaoka
Tunteeya’s goal in therapy is to help people live with clarity, balance and fulfillment. She uses a combination of scientific and holistic approaches to therapy including Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to help people identify their strengths, explore their fears and closely examine their values to help them understand what’s missing in their life.

She has worked in different organizational settings including public hospitals, private clinics and universities. Tunteeya opened Ikigai Psychology Clinic to combine her passion and knowledge to practice a unique form of therapy that combines Eastern and Western Psychology

When she is not working as a Psychologist she takes pleasure in spending time with nature, traveling and listening to music. She also has a curious interest in creativity, art and digital design. In the past Tunteeya organized TEDx events and she enjoys collaborating with creative and talented individuals who are pushing boundaries in their field.

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