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Become A Life Coach:

Have you ever considered a career in life coaching? For me, this is the juicy, messy, beautiful place where I’ve discovered my purpose and my avenue to share my creative explorations. I have become a proud life coach; someone who leads and inspires others to create loving and intentional challenges and breakthroughs, achieving their goals. 

I began my journey with Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Become A Life Coach

My Coaching Journey

Before I was a life coach, I worked as a digital marketer and graphic designer. I had some wonderful creative jobs along the way, but ultimately found myself getting burnt out and uninspired. 

I was also experiencing a life crisis of sorts, where I reached out to a life coach to help me navigate the waters. I uncovered harmful tendencies like codependency, people-pleasing, making myself small for the sake of others, and adhering to titles, stories and Dominant Dogma from a culture that caused me more harm than good.

This experience was life-changing. It led me to a place of profound freedom that I had never felt before. 

Having the desire to guide others to this freedom is what empowered me to pursue becoming a life coach myself. My goal as a coach and human is to play a part in collective healing; to guide folks back to themselves.


Why Beautiful You?

Beautiful You Coaching Academy was the home for me to follow my passion and learn the ropes of life coaching. It was through them that I learned true leadership, how to hone in on a vision, and how to navigate the world mindfully. 

BYCA stood out to me because of its commitment to justice and equity and its long history of empowering humans to create businesses they love while making a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Founded by the imitable Julie Parker, Beautiful You Coaching Academy provided me with a path to live out my passion.

What is a life coach, really?

There are lots of ways to describe life coaching, however, I really like the way BYCA breaks it down, and I think it’s a great place to start:

A life coach provides a safe and encouraging space

A life coach assists their clients to break down those life-affirming goals into manageable steps to transition from where they are now, to where they want to be.

A life coach honors the present position their client is in but also looks to the future

A life coach deeply listens to people and asks challenging and thought-provoking questions 

A life coach provides accountability and lovingly challenges their clients to step outside their comfort zone or shift their perspective.

Megs Philosophy Coach
Megs Philosophy Coach

What I learned from Beautiful You Coaching Academy

• How to bring my full self and giftings to the craft of life coaching.

• How to practice active and purposeful listening, then ask powerful coaching questions which lead to client breakthroughs.

• An understanding of how humans change and evolve. Specifically, at BYCA, I learned an adapted version of the Transtheoretical Model of Intentional Behaviour Change.

• A coaching code of ethics which continues to be a backbone of my practice.

• How to utilize my brilliant skills as a marketer and graphic designer to grow my coaching practice and reach clients.

• & so much more!

The beautiful benefits of Beautiful You

A circle of outstanding humans who cheer you on.
During the training process, you have the opportunity to be paired with a coaching buddy who partners with you throughout your journey, and if you’re lucky, might just become a lifelong friend. You’ll also be surrounded by other phenomenal humans in your course who experience this life-shifting learning alongside you and become close confidants in your coaching story. Alongside having a coaching buddy, I partnered with a fellow coach to form a small Mastermind of coaches so we could grow together and support one another. Two years later, the incredible humans in this small but mighty group have become some of my closest friends and confidants.

Access to a world of resources.
This course is delivered through a number of channels; audio interviews with industry experts, live calls, book recommendations, an online group to ask questions and connect with other coaches, and more. You’ll be able to work directly with BYCA founder Julie Parker – a legend in the life coaching world.

Super-star coach trainers.
Julie knows her stuff, and she gathers a group of high level coaches to train and coach YOU (inception, right??), assisting you through the course and bringing their unique perspectives to the table.

Of course, a certification!
After graduating from BYCA, which is an International Coaching Federation CCE certified course, you’ll have the opportunity to become a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach. This gives you access to ongoing support and guidance through an ever-growing, ever-glowing community of certified coaches.

Where am I now?

These days, I am successfully living in my power as an award-nominated Life, Leadership and Business Coach, thriving in my self-sovereignty and helping folks live their freedom now. I am happy to bring my training to others so I can help them reclaim inner capacity and cultivate new stories and solutions in all areas of life. 

I coach through integrity, curiosity, personal power, ease, and community; all principles and values I cultivated through BYCA. I also host an incredible podcast where I discuss Dominant Dogma out in the world, how it keeps folks from freedom, and the super power we hold of Living Our Freedom Now.

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By signing up for the BYCA program through me, you’ll receive special access to a coaching with me to help kick-start your coaching journey!

Here’s what’s included:
6x 60 minute Coaching sessions with me (a value of $900)
Access to my inner circle private library of business and personal resources (a value of $300+)

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