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Take your pleasure practice to the next level with this month’s podcast guest Lauren Scott! Lauren is an Eco Therapist, Sex Coach, Roller skater and book nerd who works in the areas of trauma, sex healing and feminine wholeness with various mentors to deepen her understanding and connection to the Divine. She uses the power […]

Lauren Scott: Reclaiming Pleasure & Growing Up In The Church

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What exactly is Life Coaching? What does Life Coaching have to do with Reclamation? Does everyone need to “Reclaim”? These are just a few of the incredibly juicy questions that Bob Hutchins and I discuss in this refreshing and real conversation. If you are someone who has struggled with feeling not enough, wondering if something […]

Reclaiming Yourself: Interview On The Rumors Of Grace Podcast

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“Megs has a gift in how she engages life. The path is far more fluid and far more experimental than it is bound to an outcome. Learning who she is and finding her rhythm to growth has created a grounding that she offers to herself and her clients. Being willing to unpack all the boxes in her life has lead her to a new confidence in who she is…and she likes it! She’s reclaiming all that is deeply and fully Megan.”

Deeply & Fully Me: Interview On The Connected Podcast

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When Fear Keeps You From Creativity: This week I have the pleasure of being featured on While I Have You with Emma Eberle! In this 20 Minute Video Interview we chat about: The rebellious nature of carrot cake. Three mind-shifting pointers to get more creative (without worrying so much about other people’s opinions!). And how we can get the adulting done in our relationship, while still having plenty of space for play.

Fear & Creativity: While I Have You Interview

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It has been a hot second since I released a new episode, but the wait has been worth it! This convo is so empowering, refreshing, and real.

Reclaiming Beauty & Dismantling Diet Culture Messages

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Within our society we LOVE labeling things: good, bad, introvert, extrovert, etc. We label things as a way to organize them and make sense of our surroundings. The labels feel safe, expected, and easier to grasp.

How The Enneagram Is Squelching Your Magic.

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Hello beautiful humans! Whew! Jennie and I dive into a LOT. As an FYI we do dive into some deeper conversation around spirituality, sexuality, and cycles for humans who bleed. If that is not your jam or feel the need to pass on conversations that include exiting fundamental Christianity maybe click on to the next […]

Jennie Kerns: 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Cycle

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Let’s talk Christianity, Spirituality…and Coaching. A common fear I hear from folks considering coaching is: Do you have a specific faith or religion that you integrate into your coaching? 💥Let’s bust that myth!💥

Myth Buster: Are you a Christian?

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Today’s conversation on the podcast is with the founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy (where I studied to become a coach!), Julie Parker, where we dive into her own journey of reclamation, her path as a priestess and how to reclaim your spiritual self.

Julie Parker: Reclaiming Your Spiritual Self

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Today I’m sharing my interview with Taylor Elyse Morrison from the #BeSchoolPodcast where I share a bit of my own Reclamation Journey, the key prompts I use when developing Self-Trust and Confidence, and the ONE thing I am most proud of in my life thus far.

Owning Your Reclamation: Be School Podcast Interview