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Welcome to my online home for musings, podcast interviews, and other resources I desire to put out into the world.

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A discussion with writer and speaker Dr. Valerie Rein about her discovery of Patriarchy Stress Disorder, who it affects, and reclaiming happiness After PSD.

Dr. Valerie Rein: Reclaiming Happiness After Patriarchy Stress Disorder

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After big twists and turns in her own life, Life Coach Jessicah Travis had “The Year of Jess”, an epic journey to health and wholeness. She reclaimed her talents, passions and voice to launch into a whole new way of life.

Jessicah Travis: Reclaiming Wholeness

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From attending awkward meetings I thought were just for fun but ended up being a sales pitch (yes, this has happened…more than once!), to the real work of being willing to let your guard down and show up vulnerably.

Making friends as an adult is hard.

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The artist life. It can be a little crazy with a thousand ideas, your hands in all kinds of creative efforts, figuring out how to best make money from your passions, and that’s a lot to juggle in of itself…not to mention if you have kids.

Linzy Westman: Leaning Into Your Artistic Identity

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A conversation with Psychologist Tunteeya Yamaoka about Living With Purpose and her passion and perspective on Holistic Approaches to Mental Health.

Tunteeya Yamaoka: Holistic Approaches to Mental Health

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Because YOU, dear one, are the expert on your life: you alone know the most intimate details of your experiences, your feelings, your needs, your desires, how can you take steps to honor that…to honor YOU?

Honoring Your Boundaries Through The Holidays

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A conversation with poet, teacher, and writing advocate Jenna Dayle about Returning to Self, her writing journey, and the power of words.

Jenna Dayle: Returning to Self, Writing, & The Power Of Words

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A conversation with Counselor and Financial Coach Angel Arnold about Transformation, Domestic Violence, and Financial Wellness.

Angel Arnold: Financial Wellness & Domestic Violence

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A discussion with Taylor Mahlke, owner of paper goods store, “Pen + Pillar” about art as business and her journey as a small business owner. Along with that she shares how she and her husband use Pen + Pillar as a way to help their local community and the world around them by working with their local refugee community.

Taylor Mahlke: Art As Work & Her Journey To Pen + Pillar

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A discussion with creator Sarah Black about her story as a small business owner and using her skill set and creativity for good.

Sarah Black: Small Business As A Vehicle For Good

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