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5 Phases of reclamation


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It’s becoming more common to throw around phrases like, “Personal Power”, “Agency” and “Personal Sovereignty”, but what exactly is “Personal Power”? Why is it important to know and use these principles? How can they help you thrive in your life?

What Is Personal Power And Why It Is Important

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So, this is not a timeline story. It’s not a detailed life outline sharing who did what and how others hurt me. Because when it comes down to it, that’s not what life is about. This is a narrative of soul. Of my soul, returning to itself.

My Reclamation Story: Returning To The Echos Of My Soul

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I can literally hear my coach saying this in my head from a few years ago, “What if you didn’t have to be nice?”

What If You Don’t Have To Be Nice?

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From attending awkward meetings I thought were just for fun but ended up being a sales pitch (yes, this has happened…more than once!), to the real work of being willing to let your guard down and show up vulnerably.

Making friends as an adult is hard.

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Because YOU, dear one, are the expert on your life: you alone know the most intimate details of your experiences, your feelings, your needs, your desires, how can you take steps to honor that…to honor YOU?

Honoring Your Boundaries Through The Holidays

Align & Reclaim

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