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Welcome to my online home for musings, podcast interviews, and other resources I desire to put out into the world.

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Let’s talk Christianity, Spirituality…and Coaching. A common fear I hear from folks considering coaching is: Do you have a specific faith or religion that you integrate into your coaching? 💥Let’s bust that myth!💥

Myth Buster: Are you a Christian?

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So, this is not a timeline story. It’s not a detailed life outline sharing who did what and how others hurt me. Because when it comes down to it, that’s not what life is about. This is a narrative of soul. Of my soul, returning to itself.

My Reclamation Story: Returning To The Echos Of My Soul

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I can literally hear my coach saying this in my head from a few years ago, “What if you didn’t have to be nice?”

What If You Don’t Have To Be Nice?

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Because YOU, dear one, are the expert on your life: you alone know the most intimate details of your experiences, your feelings, your needs, your desires, how can you take steps to honor that…to honor YOU?

Honoring Your Boundaries Through The Holidays

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A conversation with intuition coach and brand designer Jo ChunYan about the role of intuition in business, discovering alignment with your intuition, balancing yin and yang energy, and boundaries in life and work.

Jo ChunYan: Intuition, Energy And Boundaries In Business

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Sometimes in the process of establishing, planning and working towards our goals (or just living day-to-day!), that sense of overwhelm creeps up. Here are 5 simple steps to support you in handing back your overwhelm.

5 Steps To Hand Back Overwhelm And Reclaim Your Dreams

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Interview with motion designer and course creator Austin Saylor about his journey in business and how he has established boundaries to prioritize sleep.

Austin Saylor: Sleep As A Catalyst For Productivity

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