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When Fear Keeps You From Creativity: This week I have the pleasure of being featured on While I Have You with Emma Eberle! In this 20 Minute Video Interview we chat about: The rebellious nature of carrot cake. Three mind-shifting pointers to get more creative (without worrying so much about other people’s opinions!). And how we can get the adulting done in our relationship, while still having plenty of space for play.

Fear & Creativity: While I Have You Interview

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Within our society we LOVE labeling things: good, bad, introvert, extrovert, etc. We label things as a way to organize them and make sense of our surroundings. The labels feel safe, expected, and easier to grasp.

How The Enneagram Is Squelching Your Magic.

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Let’s talk Christianity, Spirituality…and Coaching. A common fear I hear from folks considering coaching is: Do you have a specific faith or religion that you integrate into your coaching? 💥Let’s bust that myth!💥

Myth Buster: Are you a Christian?

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It’s becoming more common to throw around phrases like, “Personal Power”, “Agency” and “Personal Sovereignty”, but what exactly is “Personal Power”? Why is it important to know and use these principles? How can they help you thrive in your life?

What Is Personal Power And Why It Is Important

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This recorded Live training dives into conversations and questions around Personal Power, grace for the human experience (specifically during this season effected by COVID-19), and how to get through hard times.

Getting Through Hard Times Free Video Training

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In this short article I want to go into a little bit about Human Design and why I believe it supports our Reclamation Journey.

What Is Human Design & How Does It Support Reclamation?

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So, this is not a timeline story. It’s not a detailed life outline sharing who did what and how others hurt me. Because when it comes down to it, that’s not what life is about. This is a narrative of soul. Of my soul, returning to itself.

My Reclamation Story: Returning To The Echos Of My Soul

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I can literally hear my coach saying this in my head from a few years ago, “What if you didn’t have to be nice?”

What If You Don’t Have To Be Nice?

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I’m here today to share a bit about this journey that the COVID-19 Virus has plunged the world into.

How The World Is Asking Us To Heal

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From attending awkward meetings I thought were just for fun but ended up being a sales pitch (yes, this has happened…more than once!), to the real work of being willing to let your guard down and show up vulnerably.

Making friends as an adult is hard.

Align & Reclaim

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