On My Terms

A 3-Month Business Coaching Series for folks ready to hand back the “shoulds” and the “musts” that have seized control of your business to reclaim your vision and run your business on your terms.

You started your business to thrive, to experience more fulfillment, and to live free.

But, despite this vision and deep inner belief, you've found yourself feeling *not quite good enough* as you put your work out into the world.

Following *shoulds* and *musts* of marketing and sales, but struggling to strategize new ideas for growth and sustainability.

Caught in the middle as you combat old paradigms of lack and hustle vs. growing your business with integrity and sustainability.

You have so much heart for the work you’re putting out into the world, but you’ve found yourself in an inner battle. Between the narratives of popular business gurus, your inner passion saying “I can do this!”, and the gut knowing that this current path is no longer working.

And it’s only becoming more evident.

It is evident when you look at your waning creativity. Your depleted mindset. Your ever-decreasing energy. On top of that, you can see how these patterns of extraction and hustle are causing harm at an even grander scale: in your community, your city, and the planet.

You've reached your edge, and letting your business happen to you is no longer an option. Your passion, vision, and integrity is needed now more than ever.

This is your time to emerge as a resilient problem solver,
embody the integral business owner you’ve always known yourself to be, and level up your business on your terms.

Join me on this journey and rise the empowered CEO of your business.

It's time to hand back the business Dominant Dogma that's keeping your business in crisis.

Dominant Dogma is a term I coined to encompass all the cultural narratives and beliefs which externally, and subsequently internally as adaptive strategies, tell you who you’re supposed to be, how to do it, and what you need to buy to live that out. The thing is, most of the stories, plans, and beliefs are not inherently right or wrong, good or bad. 

👉 It is how dominant culture misuses them that they become toxic tools of manipulation.

👉 It is how you are required to fit into Dominant Dogma to be accepted and safe.

👉 It is how patriarchy, supremacy culture, and those at the top of the capitalist food chain benefit from your playing small and feeling broken.

Business Dominant Dogma sounds like:

👢 “Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps”
🤖 Stop thinking, start doing.
🥉 Try harder.
💸 “Follow these 6 Steps To Earn 6 Figures In 6 Months!”
🗓️ “Follow My XYZ Plan”
🧑‍💻 Keep hustling!
🏗️ “Bigger is better: Scale”
🆗 Just say yes!
📱 “You MUST post on Instagram everyday in order to be successful”
📈 “Go big or go home”

But you can hand back the Dominant Dogma that has seized control of your business, reclaim your vision, and run your business on your terms.

The truth is: You ARE a rebel. You ARE a leader, a creative, a healer, and an entrepreneur. That is exactly why you DON’T fit the molds and structures asked of you. You are a wildly unique human never meant to fit into a box and it’s time to embody the integral business owner you’ve always known yourself to be.

“When I began this program with Meg, I was jumping from offer to offer. I felt really scattered in my creative skill set and in the business I was trying to build. I felt overloaded and clouded with business advice and the pressure to make a lot of money. Through these months with Meg, I was able to remember my zone of genius, and that my business was best lead from me and nobody else. Meg’s support during this time was so grounding, and so full of acceptance. I felt more focused on creating really strong and flexible roots for my dreams while I was in Meg’s presence and while I was being coached by her. By the end of six months, I was beginning to see a lot of traction and consistent money in a book I had written years ago and that I gave up talking about! I was also supported to launch new offers and a brand new offering that was just so what I wanted it to be. It felt really centered and very clean to me and it felt like the essence of my business. Meg is really who you want in your support circle if you’re looking to feel really secure in your foundations that are going to hold your dreams and hold your business”

Jenna D.

Creatress. Poet. Tarot Reader.

By working with Megan I found myself in a room with a whole new breed of entrepreneurs. Humans who believe in carving your own path, integral leadership, taking the slow and steady route, and co-creating a business on my terms. I found freedom in the now, AND I discovered new ways forward to further the dreams I have for myself, my business, and my family. This series is the missing piece to your business. It doesn’t matter what your business offers the world, the glue between all the parts of your business is found here in this space. It’s not because there is a magic formula. It’s because you will find your magic that will create exactly what your soul wanted to create, and you’ll get the support, systems, and structure you need to support the creation.

Jessicah T.

Life Coach

Megan Colleen Johnson
Megan Colleen Johnson
Meet your guide

Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello, passionate human. My name is Megan, an Internationally Certified Life Coach for freethinkers ready to embody the freedom they crave.

As a small business owner for over 10 years, I’ve been through the trenches and back. I know what it’s like to have no money coming in and feel that #scarcitymindset like nobody’s business. I also know the opposite end of things when there are too many clients, not enough systems, and burnout is just around the corner.

Due to these experiences, I am incredibly passionate about helping you create a business that is steeped in integrity, is regenerative (actually refuels and pays you!), and is sustainable.

Along with my personal experience, I have my B.A. in graphic design and have worked as a professional photographer, designer, and creative marketer with corporate giants, New York Times Best Selling authors, Silicon Valley start-ups, lifestyle brands, and local small businesses and soloprenuers. A few folks I’ve worked with include: Steven Pressfield, Chris Guillebeau, Wilson Sporting Goods, Poly & Bark, Playa, Ramsey Solutions, Veramarx, gener8tor, relode, and many more.

Steven Pressfield
Day Designer
Chris Guillebeau

Let's get practical:

Business can feel pretty dang daunting. Paying your own salary can bring up fear, strategizing your messaging can feel overwhelming, and internalized Dominant Dogma can sneak up demanding self-extraction and exploitive processes.

Over the past ten years, I have had the incredible opportunity to start and be part of many businesses and start-ups. From tech companies to brick and mortar boutiques, each business has its own story and its own hurdles. In witnessing and supporting each of these businesses and in navigating my own business journey, I’ve learned what it REALLY means to succeed, why your intuition is your best business coach, the gut-wrenching feeling of letting a business dissolve, and how to rise from the aftermath with an even clearer vision.

Above all, I’ve learned that when you decide to start a business, you become the key to its true success (hint: this means ANYTHING is possible!). You stand up for it, you determine its mission, you make its systems, you notice what feels aligned AND you don’t have to this journey alone.

Within this Business Coaching Series, we are going to break through internalized Dominant Dogma, strategize through specific business struggles, and move towards your goals from a place of alignment (NOT burn-out).

Together, we are going to craft a new way for you to do business, so you can THRIVE as the incredible entrepreneur you are.

As your coach I will help you:​​

👉 Live full of freedom and creativity, no longer fearing your multi-passionate gifts but embracing them and allowing them to facilitate deeper thriving in your world.
👉 Release and surrender your limiting beliefs, exchanging them for possibility and expansion.
👉 Embrace your *muchness* so that you can hand back the projections of others, embody confidence, and take up your rightful space in the world.
👉 Finally connect to your true purpose, no longer feeling torn in every direction or unsure of what you even want anymore.
👉 Hand back old patterns so you can finally connect to your essence, be seen, and live with authenticity.
👉 Process your emotions and tap into the deep wisdom they have to offer.
👉 Cultivate healthy boundaries so you can use your gift of compassion with clarity and clean energy (no more resentment, burn-out, or over giving!).

Megs Colleen

What you get in this 3-Month coaching series:

1x 90 Minute one-on-one kick-off coaching call hosted on Zoom.

5x 60 Minute one-on-one coaching calls hosted on Zoom.

Unlimited access to me on the messaging app Signal.

Lifetime access to my private library of business resources, mindset tools, and trainings to support your journey.

Personalized gifts from me to support your journey and fuel your path forward.

One Payment Of $1,999 USD or 6x payments of $333 USD

“Megan is incredibly personable and easy to communicate with, not to mention she helped me reach all of the goals I set including: launching my website, creating an online quiz, and even crafting a nurturing email sequence with a downloadable PDF for my users! Above all that, the biggest achievement was having Megan help me clarify and simplify my message to attract the right clients. She is brilliant at this! I always felt she was so committed to bringing out the best in me and finding how to best work with me. I now feel proud of my online-presence, empowered with tools to support my growing business, and more confident and capable in my message and services. I loved working with her and will continue to do so as my business grows!”

Kristi Conradie

Be Meaningful Courses & Products

Megan helped me brainstorm what my business would be from the ground up. She helped me as I made big ass decisions and supported me in crafting a streamlined system for the entire backend of my business. She has literally been the reason my business is where it’s at professionally. Megan is creative AF and her history as a brand expert shows up time and time again. She sees the things I don’t and is incredibly honest and supportive as she calls out the things she notices. Megan is literally my secret weapon when it comes to strategy, design, and implementation, no one knows how to do anything like her! She’s a triple threat sovereign bad-ass coach helping folks reclaim their life, business, and dreams.”

Liz Pessaran

Life Purpose Coach

“Working with Megan was so great. Her process was very hands-on and her communication made me feel taken care of. She was attentive to all my questions, and she really owned what I wanted for my brand. I came to her with a messy vision, and she took the time to educate me, and be my brand’s advocate. I left feeling like I have a brand that is clear, one that I feel proud of, and one that I am excited to build on. I can’t recommend working with Megan enough!

Taylor Mahlke

Owner Pen & Pillar

“I was drawn to working with Megan because I liked her blend of spiritual (reclaiming, embodiment, creativity) and practical (business, goal setting, a bit of no-nonsense). I also felt like her services were very personal and like she would help me create my own unique goals. Lastly, I knew she would identify with my experience of starting a business. During our time together I launched my website, which felt really big/scary/necessary and I also came to a peaceful place with my body/body journey that feels really powerful. Really, our time together felt very personalized, powerful, supportive, and creative. Megan helped me fight through the nerves and doubt that comes with starting a business—and seeing myself as an entrepreneur. She also held a really interesting, thoughtful space for me to work through shyness and image questions (read: not being overwhelmed by thinking people don’t like me…and thinking I’m too fat to be happy/pretty/successful). In summary, Megan is consistent AF and I applaud that!

Emma Eberle

Stitch Fix Stylist & Relationship Coach

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