Scripting Your Story Micro-Course

Scripting Your Story


On demand micro-course

Our world is made up of stories.

We live them, breathe them, and the lens from which we experience our life is made up of them.

We have stories about our enoughness, our muchness, our belonging, our success, our health, our wealth, and the list goes on.

So if our life and how we perceive it is made up of stories, why not write the stories, the beliefs we WANT to manifest? 

Why not believe the best and show our life how we DO want things to go instead of always waiting for the next shoe to drop?

Why not live our freedom now?

In this On-Demand Micro-Course, you will learn the what, why, and how of Scripting so that you can rise as your most integral and free self.

We’ve had a whirlwind of the past couple of years.

It’s time to break through the stories holding you back, reclaim inner capacity (hello spaciousness!), and live your freedom now.

The Specifics Of What You'll Learn:

➡️ What scripting actually is and why it works.
➡️ How to script and you’ll get a beautiful PDF Journal Guide to use year after year.
➡️ 3 Ways to 10x your results with scripting (Tapping, Anchoring, and Hypnotic Meditation).
➡️ BONUS: A weekly review spreadsheet to check-in with your vision each week.

Break through the stories holding you back and live your freedom now!

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