One-on-One Coaching

Coaching to help you before, during, and after seasons of overwhelm, transition, and executive function burnout so that you can rise with courage and root into freedom, no matter what lies ahead.



I Am Supported

90-Minute coaching session to help you bolster your nervous system and supportively navigate your present experience. This session will include a mix of coaching support, intuitive guidance, human design, gene keys, and astrological insights, and depth psychological perspective. Every session is trauma-informed, neurodivergent and lgbtqia+ affirming, and rooted in the belief that you are already whole.


Live Your Freedom Now Book

A practical framework and collection of short essays on how to live free. It’s time to evaluate the harmful narratives in your life, reclaim your wholeness, and live your freedom, now.


Scripting Your Story

An on-demand micro-course to learn the what, why, and how of scripting (and manifesting!) your own story. Break through the stories holding you back, reclaim inner capacity (hello spaciousness!), and live your freedom now.


On demand


A 3-Day dripped reset to claim your personal power and rise in an ever shifting world.

➡️ Inner peace is yours.
➡️ Claiming goodness amidst chaos is yours.
➡️ Your dreams and desires are yours.


3-Day dripped

Creative Business

A 6-Month Creative Business Accelerator for folks ready to hand back the “shoulds” and the “musts” that have seized control of your business to reclaim your vision and run your business on your terms.


group coaching & consulting program

how to live free

A 5 Week Program to help you Live Your Freedom Now: a shift in perspective so you can cultivate inner capacity for new solutions in business and life.


group coaching program

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