Coaching Supervision to embody your wisdom, be well resourced, and support with integrity.

Do you have what you need to coach with integrity?

You came to the world of coaching with a huge heart and a passion to help people. You earned your certification, hired a business coach, and started coaching as many people as possible.

But somewhere along the way you started feeling:

🤔 Confused on how to take your clients deeper. 🤔
💣 Like it’s only a matter of time before clients realize…you don’t know what to ask next! 💣
💰 Out of integrity with your prices…can you even deliver what they need?💰
🧭 Unsupported by the industry and unsure of where to turn next. 🧭

In the past, service based industries required apprenticeship.

Within the theraputic setting, counselors go through hundreds of hours of supervision before they are able to apply for liscensure.

but coaching…

Coaching is an unruly and unregulated field, but that doesn’t mean your practice has to be.

Offering you monthly feedback on your coaching, resources to support your people, and tools so you can coach from your freedom, The Well Resourced Coach is the coaching apprenticeship you’ve been searching for.

“Megan really supported me in stripping away my tendencies of comparison and to step into my confidence! She helped me debunk my limiting beliefs and mirrored back to me that I am worth all and more! Our time together was intuitive, supportive, honoring, caring, and expansive. She asked me thought-provoking questions that forced me to go deep within myself and figure out what was truly real. Overall, Megan was really thoughtful about her whole process. She is the sweetest human and really shows up with excellence and care.”

Christine T.

“I’m in a completely different place with much hope for the future! Our time together was truly eye opening, freeing and brought me so much joy. Megan challenged my preconceptions therefore opening my way of thinking. She supported me in questioning the stories I believe therefore challenging me to evaluate the framework I make decisions from, if it’s a place of truth or something off that needs to be corrected or displaced. These two things guide and impact my thinking which impacts my life. Working with Megan transformed my life into something more hopeful, more intentional, and more ME!”

Trudy W.

As your supervisor I will help you:

👉 Embody your wisdom: Discover the art of embodying the lessons you’ve learned from life, work, and your education (coaching or otherwise). This is your unique medicine and it might just be why your clients were drawn to you in the first place!

👉 Resource your people: Learn how to be a supportive healer, resource, and landing space for your clients…WITHOUT giving advice – let’s leave that to the consultants!

👉 Coach from your freedom: Stop feeling cornered and wobbly in session and instead coach from freedom, congruence, and deep inner stability. Knowing the “right” thing to say is far more about rooting into your freedom and inviting unconscious into the coaching space with you – don’t worry I’ll teach you exactly how to do this!

Megs Colleen

The 3 Pillars of Integral Coaching

Throughout our sessions, I will teach you three key elements of an integral coach: Congruence, Acceptance, and Empathy. As taught by 

Megan has helped me to see that I’m more capable of achieving my own definition of success than I realized. Prior to working together I had just gotten married, moved to a new state, started working on a new career, and so much more. She helped me find ways to break through my roadblocks and lean into my emotions on a daily basis. She supported me when I felt trapped in comparison and loneliness. She was gentle, kind and truly listened to me without judgement so that I could stay in action, always making decisions that will lead to my own happiness. She really helped me acknowledge my needs and take action on them so I could show up as the person I know I am. Her programs and systems are very organized and she helped me feel important to her as a client. Megan is a heart-centered coach and knows what she’s doing to help you find the breakthroughs you are looking for. Megan truly helped me to feel brave.

Erin T.

“I reached out to Megan after resonating with her message on social media and feeling like she could really support me with my goals. During our time together the biggest goal she helped me achieve was shifting my mindset around my worth and energy. She created space for me to explore what my goals meant to me and how I needed to finally pause and ask myself what I need in order to feel good. Coaching with Megan was truly life changing! She supported me in transforming my life by guiding me to look within for validation and to help me stop being so judgmental toward myself!”

Tracy D.

Why hire me as your coach?

Because I’m nobody special.

What do I mean by this?

Life has not been handed to me.

I grew up in a low-income home, rural setting, and was part of an evangelical cult. I identify as creative, neuro-divergent, and highly sensitive. I have faced narcissistic abuse, both as a child and an adult, and I currently navigate chronic health difficulties.

i.e. I’m an average human being with struggles, difficulties, and challenges…and yet I have learned how to live free.

I believe this for you too!

Living free and rising empowered has nothing to do with who you are, where you came from, your job title, gender, health situation, or brain chemistry.

Living free is something far more accessible than you’ve been told, in fact, it’s an inside job: let me be your guide on the journey.

Steven Pressfield
Day Designer
Chris Guillebeau
Megan Colleen Johnson
Megan Colleen Johnson
Meet your guide

Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello, passionate humans. My name is Megan, an Internationally Certified Life Coach for freethinkers ready to embody the freedom they crave.

It wasn’t until I began working with a coach myself, that I had ever experienced the type and level of support that I needed to rise as my most free and integrated self.

I believe in this work. I will always be growing in this work. And I am so passionate about supporting you as you break through the boxes culture has created for you so that you can live your freedom now.

During our time together, I will serve as a mirror and mentor on your journey, so you can live, lead, and achieve creating a ripple effect of freedom in your community, your city, and together, our planet.

It is my deepest intention to support passionate humans like you to embody your wholeness and live into the power of choice that is innately yours. The world needs your empowered leadership and I truly believe SO much goodness is waiting just around the corner.

What you get in this 6-Month Apprenticeship:

1x 90 Minute one-on-one kick-off coaching call hosted on Zoom. This is a “get to know you” session where we set the foundation for our apprenticeship together.

5x 90 Minute one-on-one monthly coaching calls hosted on Zoom. During these sessions we will review your client feedback forms, session transcripts, and cultivate a path forward.

Unlimited access to me on the messaging app Signal. Use this in between sessions to celebrate wins, ask on-the-fly questions, and get support navigating client engagement.

Client feedback form to support your development.

Lifetime access to my growing library of book recommendations, tools, and trainings.

Personalized gifts from me to support your journey and fuel your path forward.


Sign up before September 29th to get: My most beloved Micro-Course the, “3-Day Personal Power Reset,” AND my manifestation workshop, “Scripting Your Story”


Sign up before September 29th to get: 1x Bonus 60 minute 1:1 Call with me!

One Payment Of $1,999 USD or 6x payments of $333 USD

“While coaching with Megan, I created a beautiful balance between my work/home life that I am really proud of. I was able to set boundaries, become a better teacher, and help students and staff from a place of joy and not a place of obligation! I had what I thought was an impossible hope, but I found creative ways to add more exercise, personal time, and creative time, all without taking time away from my family! I was able to get in touch with ME again! Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in our titles, mom, teacher, wife, and through coaching, I became better at those roles AND found space for myself. I gained the confidence of a younger version of myself…I could go on and on! AND she helped shine a light on human behavior, revealing how everyone has their own baggage, and most of the time, it has nothing to do with you! Understanding this helped me unchain myself from feeling responsible for friendship loss over the years.”

Katie D.

“When I began working with Megan I knew I wanted to get crystal clear about what I wanted out of life. I had experienced a series of big life changes that left me unbalanced and unsure about what I wanted to accomplish next. My time coaching with Megan was restorative, challenging, supportive, reflective and empowering. She challenged me to dig in, reflect and answer big questions that helped to define my voice and set healthy boundaries. Through this series, I discovered how to trust myself and set goals that are helping me purposefully move forward in work and life. She communicated clearly with me and was deeply connected and available for whatever thoughts and questions I had. It was truly amazing!

Joannah S.

Begin your Well Resourced journey!

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