Live Your Freedom Now Book

A practical framework and collection of short essays on how to live free.

The truth is this: You are sensitive and fierce.

Your wildness holds polarity with grace – a fact that brings oppressive and hierarchical power structures to their knees. That is exactly why you DON’T fit the molds and structures that Dominant Dogma (those unspoken rules you never agreed to) has asked of you. 

You are a world changer.

This journey is for us. For me. For you. As you pick up your ability to choose and consciously align your inner and outer worlds. As you hand back the unsupportive labels, beliefs, marketing plans, and expired adaptive strategies to step into a new reality. As you reclaim your essence, embrace choice, and live from personal sovereignty.

It is your invitation and instructive guide to Live Your Freedom Now.

“Megan is a remover of obstacles, a grounded and clear guide, a brilliant mind with a tender heart, and a dropper of keys (as Hafiz would stay). Megan knows shame, rejection, suffering, loss– and she knows intimately what it means to find yourself again and again.

In Live Your Freedom Now, Megan offers a comprehensive field guide for discovering your True Self beyond the obstacles that may stand in your way. Megan has condensed years of her own personal and spiritual revelations, as well as her professional education into an easy-to-read, thorough, and helpful tool I now consider essential reading for my clients.”

-Madison Morrigan, 4x international award winning life and leadership coach, creative consultant, podcast host and speaker
Megs Colleen

Live Your Freedom Now

Evaluate the harmful narratives in your life, reclaim your wholeness, and live your freedom, now.

In Live Your Freedom Now, award-nominated life and leadership coach, Megan Colleen Johnson, guides you through a practical framework and collection of short essays on how to live free. It’s time to evaluate the harmful narratives in your life, reclaim your wholeness, and live your freedom, now.

Acclaim for Live Your Freedom Now

“A profound, deeply moving read. If you feel trapped under a mountain of “shoulds” and have an inkling that there is something radically different that you want, then read Live Your Freedom Now. This book is a thought provoking and well-researched deep dive into the Dominant Dogma that holds you back and the simple practices you can start now to become a more liberated version of yourself.”

― Dr. Michelle Mazur, author of the 3 Word Rebellion

“In an industry that thrives on hot takes and absolutist statements, Megan has a gift for helping people navigate the nuance that’s required to actually live your freedom. This book is a snapshot of what it’s like to be in a coaching relationship with Megan. I felt both seen and lovingly challenged to step into a truer expression of myself. Grab a cup of tea and a highlighter. This book is meant to be savored.”

― Taylor Elyse Morrison, author of Inner Workout, Fortune’s 10 Innovators Shaping the Future of Health

“As a ‘helping, healing and high-achieving’ person, Megan’s words have provided me with a portal to belonging and self awareness. Live Your Freedom Now is an invaluable resource I have gratefully added to my toolkit, referencing Megan’s wisdom as we all continue to break free from power-over systems and find true liberation.”

― Kamrin Baker, Writer and Editor, Good Good Good

“The way Megan steps us through each element of her profound teachings is a blend of old wise soul and deeply humble and curious human. That symbiosis is healing in itself – it feels like sitting around the fire, being lovingly reminded in a myriad of ways of the liberation that awaits you. With integrity intact and not a whisper of minimizing your lived experience, Megan guides you into your true power, true leadership and true freedom that will impact your relationship to your personal liberation in the most magnificent way.”

― Sammie Fleming, Life and Leadership Coach

“Live Your Freedom Now connects with the first step toward personal freedom: clarity. Highly recommended for the new generation of seekers who will create a new world of hope and creativity.”

― Prof. Guillaume Wolf, author of You Are Infinity.

“Through her vulnerability of her own journey to freedom, Megan paints for us a way to find ourselves again..finding the parts of us that we miss, long for and desire to bring forward. But here’s the thing: She has a way of crafting a book that is as gentle as it is fierce. She calls out the systems of oppression, shows us how we have let them dominate our lives and then gently and powerfully calls us to free ourselves from it. This isn’t about feel good empowerment (although it does feel good). It’s about deeply understanding the dogma we live from (internal and external) and moving our unconscious nudging to our conscious awareness. This is powerful and brave work, and it’s an opportunity to free ourselves together.”

― Jessicah Travis, Life Coach & Podcaster

“Megan’s work is a deep breath taken in a safe space. Her approach to deconstruction and discovery is as compassionate as it is critical. Seekers are welcome to start a new journey within these pages.”

― Emma E. Social Worker, Former Client, and Fellow Seeker

“In a day and age where the complexities and nuances of life can clutter a sense of inner tranquility and ability to act with confidence – Megan has distilled a recipe for personal freedom. It’s the literary equivalent of a dress with pockets. Practical and beautiful.”

― Hayley Carr, Transformational Coach, NLP Trainer, Karate World Champion

“Live your Freedom Now is an inspiring and insightful read that captures the silent struggle pre-imposed by dominant dogma and the adverse effects one can experience throughout life. Megan offers a powerful perspective through her vulnerability and sharing. Live your Freedom Now encourages those struggling or silenced by the “don’t question, just do” to speak up, find your voice, and Live your Freedom Now.”

― Brian Lovelace, Mindfulness Cognitive Coach and NLP Practitioner

“Live Your Freedom Now is a grounded encouragement and practical guide for anyone who is beginning to see the way they’ve been following external paths to feeling authentically accepted, supported and expressed – only to feel exhausted, resentful, unwell and confused instead. Megan’s grasp on what it takes and what it means to be with yourself in ways that create space for inner freedom, self trust, met needs and reciprocal relating is the kind of rooted, clear, and lived wisdom we need more of in the self development space.”

― Jenna Dayle, Poet and Codependency Mentor

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