The Map Of Wholeness

A compilation poster sharing a mapping of Erik Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development, the Chakra System, Human Design, Spiral Dynamics, Gene Keys, and more. 

Imagine seeing all your favorite self-awareness and psychological development theories mapped across one another...

That is what the map of wholeness is. Crafted from one depth-seeker to another, this map is a perfect companion for coaches, therapists, reiki practitioners, and self-healers to pinpoint possible focus points for conditioning, healing, and awareness.

Framed Poster

Poster Specs:​

• Size: 24″×36″
• Enhanced Matte Paper

Non-Framed Poster

Poster Specs:​

• Size: 24″×36″
• Enhanced Matte Paper

I have recommended this poster to just about everyone I know. If you’re in the business of helping folks make sense of their human experiences or simply love the blend of spirituality and psychology, you’ll love this poster. It’s easy to reference quickly and visually stimulating. I got mine framed and received it quickly. It’s the perfect addition to my home office.

Madison M.


Why does the framed poster cost so much more than the unframed?

Due to the increased weight and amount of packaging required, shipping costs are significantly more for the framed poster which accounts for the jump in price.

Do you plan on adding theories and modalities?

Yes! This is a living document and updated versions of the poster will be available roughly yearly as I add systems based on request and as I see fit. Current Version: 0.2

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