You’ve been sold a singular vision of happiness, belonging, and success. But you were never meant to fit in the mold.

You are a freethinker. A sensitive soul. A weird barbie. A neurodivergent queen. and you were always meant to be wild.

Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello Freethinker,

I’m Megan Colleen Johnson and I'm here to help you live your freedom now.

As an award-nominated life and leadership coach, I coach freethinkers, sensitive souls, multi-passionate creators, neurodivergent queens, and misfits who are craving to uncover their vitality and live with personal freedom.

Together, we will follow the threads of your story, without  judgment, to discover new possibilities for your life full of personal freedom and courage.

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A journal guide and ecotherapy meditation to help you release the unsupportive stories in your mind, calm your nervous system, and reclaim personal power.

Shift your perspective.

Reclaim inner capacity.

Cultivate new solutions.

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