Those Who Came Before Me

To those who came before me, witnessed me, held me, taught me, and mentored me.

I thank you.

First and foremost, thank you to my family: My partner Alex and my pup Patrick. You are my support system, my collaborators, my favorite people. Thank you for trusting and celebrating my wild self.

My parents and my grandparents: Alison, Vern, Scot, Genevieve and Richard.

My aunts: Colleen and Lesley.

My siblings: April, Rich, and Cari.

My in-laws: Berta, Steve, Mitch, Rachel, and Luca.

My best friend from high-school: Ang. Thank you for consistently working to see me, even when we live and believe wildly different things. I am ever grateful.

To my coaches, healers, teachers, and mentors: Madison Morrigan, Hayley Carr, Dr. Michelle Mazur, Jasmine Rose, Jelka Leedle, and those I am just beginning to learn from at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

To the folks who have worked on my business support team: Jes, Kamrin, Jenna, Naomi, Rachel and the InHouss Media team.

To my B.U.M.S. It is an honor to grow in tandem with each of you and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

To my teachers from afar.

To all the teachers, counselors, and authors who impacted me while growing up. Though I no longer subscribe to the faith I was raised with, I am grateful for the lessons I learned along the way.

To psyche and the unconscious, both personal and collective, the universe, the beautiful cosmos I have the pleasure of experiencing, thank you. Thank you for your mystery and the ever unfolding lessons you call me into.

I acknowledge and am grateful for the land I live and work from:
The Chumash, Fernandeño, Tataviam, Kitanemuk, Gabrieleno, and Serrano indigenous lands now known under the United States as the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.


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