Those Who Came Before Me

To those who came before me, witnessed me, held me, taught me, and mentored me.

I thank you.

First and foremost, thank you to my family: My partner Alex and my pup Patrick. You are my support system, my collaborators, my favorite people. Thank you for trusting and celebrating my wild self.

My parents and my grandparents: Alison, Vern, Scot, Genevieve and Richard.

My aunts: Colleen and Lesley.

My siblings: April, Rich, and Cari.

My in-laws: Berta, Steve, Mitch, Rachel, and Luca.

My best friend from high-school: Ang. Thank you for consistently working to see me, even when we live and believe wildly different things. I am ever grateful.

To my coaches, healers, teachers, and mentors throughout this process: Madison Morrigan, Hayley Carr, Dr. Michelle Mazur, Jasmine Rose, Jelka Leedle, and those I am just beginning to learn from at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

To the folks who have worked on my business support team while writing this: Jes, Kamrin, Jenna, Naomi, Rachel and the InHouss Media team.

To my B.U.M.S. It is an honor to grow in tandem with each of you and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

To my teachers from afar.

To all the teachers, counselors, and authors who impacted me while growing up. Though I no longer subscribe to the faith I was raised with, I am grateful for the lessons I learned along the way.

To the unconscious, both personal and collective, the universe, the beautiful cosmos I have the pleasure of experiencing, thank you. Thank you for your mystery and the ever unfolding lessons you call me into.

I acknowledge and am grateful for the land I live and work from:
The Sauk and Meskwaki, Peoria, Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Myaamia, Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo), Hoocąk (Ho-Chunk), Bodwéwadmi (Potawatomi) indigenous lands now known under the United States as Lake Geneva, WI, and the Chumash, Fernandeño, Tataviam, Kitanemuk, Gabrieleno, and Serrano indigenous lands now known under the United States as the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.


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