Trauma-informed healing and intuitive business consulting for folks ready to rise with courage and root into freedom.

Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello love,

I’m Megs Colleen and I'm here to help you live your freedom now.

If you are feeling:
❤️‍🩹 There is always *something* to *fix* about yourself.
🥷 Ongoing conflict or tension in relationships.
💸 Consistent lack in business and work.
🚨Crisis after crisis to attend to.

I want you to know:
You are not broken, you are enough, and you can trust you. Furthermore: I trust you and I firmly believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with you. Rather, you may be living from patterns of survival that once kept you safe but now hinder your vitality. My goal is to support you to reconnect to your innate vitality through trauma-informed coaching & intuitive business consulting. 

This is for you if:
Deep in your spirit,
you want to feel empowered, share your creativity, and live with greater freedom. I’m not saying the path is easy – in fact, it may just require *all of you* – but it is worth it. Vitality is your birthright, experiencing enoughness is within reach, and personal freedom is possible.

Welcome to this cozy online home of mine.
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Claim Your Freedom Now


A journal guide and ecotherapy meditation to help you release the unsupportive stories in your mind, calm your nervous system, and reclaim personal power.

Shift your perspective.

Reclaim inner capacity.

Cultivate new solutions.

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