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Claim Your Freedom Now


A journal guide and ecotherapy meditation to help you release unsupportive conditioning, calm your nervous system, and reclaim personal power.

Within this practice, you will be guided to reconnect to your essence, resource from the earth, and embody the freedom you crave.

This meditation and journal guide applies insights from ecopsychology through sensory exercises and hypnotic visualization. This allows you to benefit from ecotherapy practices, even if you are not currently in a traditionally, “natural” environment. Additionally, the meditation uses binaural beats from 432-458hz and bilateral stimulation to allow your mind, body, and spirit to truly move into a state of rest and integrate the learnings you experience along the way.

It's time to feel free, empowered, and whole.

Ecotherapy and the tools utilized within this practice have been shown to help:
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Megan Colleen Johnson
Megan Colleen Johnson
Meet your Guide

Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello love, I’m Megan! As an award-nominated coach, writer, and teacher, I help folks like you hand back harmful Dominant Dogma so you can reclaim inner capacity and embody the freedom you crave.

Dominant Dogma: A term I coined to encompass all the cultural narratives and beliefs which externally—and subsequently internally as adaptive strategies—dictate who you are “supposed to” be, what you are “supposed to” do, and what you are “supposed to” want.

If you are feeling: boxed in by culture telling you who you should be and how to do it, frustrated by the unconscious patterns you keep living out (oh hello old coping strategies!), like there must be something “more” to life, but confusion on how to find, “more” – I invite you to begin your Freedom Journey.

You can release the outdated cultural stories, expired coping strategies, and cookie-cutter marketing plans designed to make you feel not enough, to step into a new reality. You can live your freedom now.

It's time to embody the freedom you crave.

“I reached out to Megan after resonating with her message on social media and feeling like she could really support me with my goals. During our time together the biggest goal she helped me achieve was shifting my mindset around my worth and energy. She created space for me to explore what my goals meant to me and how I needed to finally pause and ask myself what I need in order to feel good. Coaching with Megan was truly life changing! She supported me in transforming my life by guiding me to look within for validation and to help me stop being so judgmental toward myself!”

Tracy D.

Megan has helped me to see that I’m more capable of achieving my own definition of success than I realized. Prior to working together I had just gotten married, moved to a new state, started working on a new career, and so much more. She helped me find ways to break through my roadblocks and lean into my emotions on a daily basis. She supported me when I felt trapped in comparison and loneliness. She was gentle, kind and truly listened to me without judgement so that I could stay in action, always making decisions that will lead to my own happiness. She really helped me acknowledge my needs and take action on them so I could show up as the person I know I am. Her programs and systems are very organized and she helped me feel important to her as a client. Megan is a heart-centered coach and knows what she’s doing to help you find the breakthroughs you are looking for. Megan truly helped me to feel brave.

Erin T.

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