You’ve been sold a singular vision of what it means to coach, to hold space, and to help people thrive. But you were never meant to fit in the mold.

You are a wisdom keeper. A healer. A depth seeker. And you were always meant to go further...

Megan Colleen Johnson

Hello love,

I’m Megan Colleen Johnson and I'm here to help you embody your wisdom.

As an award-nominated coach, writer, and teacher, I provide one-to-one coaching supervision for wisdom keepers ready to coach with integrity.

Coaching is an unruly and unregulated field, but that doesn’t mean your practice has to be. Now is your time to: Coach with integrity, resource your practice, and embody your wisdom.

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3 Pillars of Integral Coaching

article & journal guide

An academic article and corresponding journal guide to help you resource your coaching practice and embody your wisdom.

Shift your perspective.

Reclaim inner capacity.

Cultivate new solutions.

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