Scripting Your Story


3-Day Personal Power Reset

The world has been in chaos for a while now, how are you feeling? Have you been able to take a breath?

These days the news, social media, and our people are consistently requiring more energy from us and sometimes our personal power gets lost in the stretch of it all. In all the noise, we forget that personal power is innate, and, how we wield it is a moment by moment choice. In this 3-Day Reset I will guide you through key steps and tools I use when coaching my 1:1 Clients so you can reclaim your Personal Power and rise in an ever shifting world.

➡️ Inner peace is yours.
➡️ Claiming goodness amidst chaos is yours.
➡️ Your dreams and desires are yours.


What You Get:

➡️ 5x digestible video trainings (3-5 minutes each) with transcripts
➡️ Daily journal prompts for integration
➡️ Powerful action steps for each lesson
➡️ An off the grid (off social media) community for support
➡️ BONUS Interviews and extras along the way!


How much time do I need to set aside for this?

You can soak in each days content and powerful action step in about 20-30 minutes each day. Outside of that you can take as long as you want to work through the provided journaling prompts and utilize our Off The Grid Incubator.

What qualifications do you have to teach on this?

I am a Certified Life Coach with multiple trainings and certifications under my belt along with many years of my own personal power work. Within this Reset you can expect to see a little bit of each of these skills and experiences integrated into the trainings. You can learn more about me and my qualifications on my about page here.

Do you have a specific faith or religion that you integrate into this reset?

As part of my coaching philosophy I seek to coach from a place of deep trust for you and your decisions. Will I ask questions, yes! Will I encourage you to feel into if your current beliefs are still working for you, definitely! But will I impose my own beliefs and decisions onto you, no. I believe in you and in your power to make the right choice for you, both spiritually and practically.

Ready To Reset Your Personal Power?

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