What Is Personal Power And Why It Is Important

It’s becoming more common to throw around phrases like, “Personal Power”, “Agency” and “Personal Sovereignty”, but what exactly is “Personal Power”? Why is it important to know and use these principles? How can they help you thrive in your life?

Many of us enter the self-development world with pain as our catalyst. For me, that pain came from a misunderstanding and misuse of power (manipulation and dominance). This misuse of power is all too familiar to most people, but especially those who identify as women and those in marginalized communities.

For centuries, we have experienced power as a coercion, intimidating us into standing still, defining who we should and should not be, and dictating how we are supposed to act. It’s this familiar message that tells us that we cannot trust our own voice and that we are only worthy if we fit into a specific box that society, religion, family and the world at large has drawn for us.

Sound familiar?

These are the beliefs that have surrounded us, causing us to FEEL powerless or incapable of exerting any control over our human experience.

That’s where Personal Power, and its sister ‘Reclamation Queendom’, comes into play.

Because we are all born with power.

It’s innately within us.

No one can take it away.

No one can hand it back.

It’s up to us, individually, to harness our power and conduct ourselves with authenticity and integrity.

That sounds like a great ideal, right? But what does this mean practically? How do we facilitate this change within ourselves?

See, the only thing we truly have control over, power over, is ourselves. Personal Power and Personal Sovereignty is the act of taking ownership for ourselves and our actions.

For example, I used to work 60+ hour work weeks which resulted in fatigue, burn out and lack of creativity. When I was handing over my power to someone else, I did not craft healthy boundaries for myself and instead, I yielded when I was told to work harder, stop thinking so much and just ‘get the job done’. When I employed my power and began to act with my Personal Sovereignty, or Reclamation Queendom, I quickly noticed that my body needed rest. In response to my needs, I crafted healthy boundaries which included going home at a reasonable time.

Personal Power does not always mean pleasing the masses. In fact, you may experience resistance, conflict and discomfort before it gets better.

When we set boundaries, when we speak our truth, not everyone is going to like or accept our choices. That is WHY many of us hand over our power. We desire safety. We want to belong. We want to minimize chaos. We want people to like us. It’s a natural survival instinct. Truthfully, it’s often easier in the moment to relent, to bend and to surrender, but eventually we experience the long-term cost as we suffer within our own psyche.

In order to truly thrive, our whole selves must be allowed to shine.

When we channel our power, speak our truth, lean into the discomfort and craft sustainable solutions for ourselves, our inner magic has the opportunity to flow freely.

We can finally breathe again.

Create again.

Laugh again.

Personal Power, Reclamation Queendom, is a path to true freedom.

Reclamation is ours, 

© 2021 Megs Colleen LTD