7 Self-Agreements To Reclaim Your Results

Hello Creative Humans,

Today we’re going to dive into 7 Self-Agreements To Reclaim Your Results. This means I will guide you through some self-agreements that help you achieve beautiful success-- whatever that means to you!

First, what even is a self agreement? Self agreements are a lot like affirmations; positive sentiments that help elevate you to your highest and truest self. While affirmations are more projections and narratives that help us reimagine our reality, self-agreements are more like promises to oneself. They are an opportunity to find a commitment to your self love journey and stick to it in a specific and supportive way.

This past week as I sat reflecting on the powerful agreements I have made over the years between myself and my coaches, I realized, at times, these agreements quite honestly changed the trajectory of my life. Yeah, this stuff is that good.

They caused me to re-evaluate my perspective and take full responsibility for my results, even when that felt terrifying to do. Even when I felt scared to commit to a shift in perspective or really hold myself accountable for the beautiful, human journey I was traveling, these guiding agreements gave me the words and tools I needed to take the next step towards Reclamation.

With this recent reflection, I decided to boil down the top 7 agreements that have exponentially impacted my thriving. These agreements are meant to be empowering and stretching, so as with anything I share or teach, please take what serves you and leave the rest.

I hope at least one of these agreements invigorates you and stirs something deep within you - something you’ve been longing to hear.

Before we dive in and discuss the agreements in detail I also want to give credit to the key coaches and teachers who influenced this list: These agreements are inspired by works from Beautiful Coaching Academy, Madison Morrigan, and Hayley Carr.

  1. I Agree To Embrace Beginners Mind 
    When life throws me a lesson I’ve already learned before, I agree to lean in and stay curious knowing this opportunity is returning to me for a reason.

  2. I Agree To Tend To Myself Exponentially
    From self-care to monetary choices to medical needs. I will tend to my needs exponentially taking full ownership for myself and all decisions I make.

  3. I Agree To Play Full Out
    I will give 100% of my effort and fully commit to my life and my dreams trusting that what I put in I will receive back 10x.

  4. I Agree To Take Radical Responsibility
    For myself, my energy, my needs, my situation, and my breakthroughs. I agree to communicate my needs, meet my own needs, and take care of myself exponentially so I can show up as the powerful being I am.

  5. I Agree To Show Up Willing
    I am willing to release unsupportive narratives. I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to step beyond my comfort zone and into wild possibilities. I am willing to stretch and grow. I am willing.

  6. I Agree To Let Go Of Trying To Look "Good" All The Time (First & Foremost To Myself)
    We cannot reclaim what we are not ready to face. I agree to let go of trying to look good so I can truly show up fully, reclaim all parts of me, and rise.

  7. I Agree To Dream Big & Believe In Possibility
    Reclamation is mine! There is no such thing as "chosen" people. This is MY time, and as I reclaim my story, I embolden others to reclaim theirs.

May these serve you, embolden you, and bolster your rising.

Reclamation is yours,

© 2021 Megs Colleen LTD