How The World Is Asking Us To Heal

Hello Friends,
I’m here today to share a bit about this journey that the COVID-19 Virus has plunged the world into. Please know that outside of the words below, I first and foremost I want to send my love, and encourage each of us to seek out ways to safely support our fellow humans – specifically those in marginalized communities, the elderly, and those with lowered immune systems. We are on this journey together.

How The World Is Asking Us To Heal
It’s everywhere. Our inboxes, our tv’s, our social media: It’s time to Social Distance.

The world, meaning the entire planet, is facing a challenge that asks and requires each of us to show up for our communities and ourselves by slowing down. We’re literally being asked by our leaders, our governments, and our world to turn inward…to heal.

It’s almost as if the world is crying out.
Asking us to ask questions.
Asking us to return to ourselves.

This global virus is forcing us to slow down and come face to face with our inner voices who have all this time have been desperately trying to get our attention.

The voice that we’ve been quieting and numbing by staying busy, burying ourselves in a consistent flow of noise, and filling our lives with forms of medication and quick fixes to keep the pain away.

The initial pain of knowing it’s up to us.

It’s up to us to take care of our planet.

It’s up to us to heal the patterns that don’t support us.

It’s up to us to get curious about our fear and pain and discover what is hiding behind it so we can heal ourselves and our world at a deep, core level.

BUT, with that said, even though as a world we are Self Distancing to heal, we are not in this alone.

Last night I spent my evening messaging some of my friends and colleagues all over the globe (from Chicago, to L.A. to Australia) about how they are feeling, sharing in this burden together, leaning on each other, and supporting one another. Because here is the truth: Deep, soul healing of the collective requires community.

We Self Distance to heal and HEAR ourselves.
We Connect and Commune to heal and hear the collective.

Both are crucial for reclaiming health mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
Both are crucial for reclaiming ourselves, our communities, and our world.

In love and support,

© 2021 Megs Colleen LTD