Nothing Has Gone Wrong: Being Is Your Superpower

I have a confession.

This past year I have been increasingly navigating the world of migraines and fatigue.

I’m certain I am not the only one facing these challenges, as we all encounter a wild, shifting paradigm through pandemic, and personal and social unrest.

The cause for my own fatigue and pain, if it’s anything like what I’ve faced in the past, is likely a mix of stress from these past years on our wild planet, the personal diet shifts that ensued, and the discomfort of being a human in 2021, but ultimately it has resulted in a need to turn inward yet again.

To find wisdom in my cells.

To listen in to what they have to say.

To give them the help and support they need.

And to slow the F*** down

This season has been a lesson in being and a reminder that we can hold paradox, or as my coach encouraged me: migraines and millions.

Mm. Let’s sit with that for a moment. Let’s hold that paradox in our hands and realize that we can feel both pain and pride, both rest and success. It all coexists, and how we respond to it is how it affects us.

Throughout this past year, my business has shifted and grown in ways I didn’t believe could happen. And, no, I haven’t hit that million yet *cry laugh face* However, it has grown, and all the while I’m personally having to rest, tend, eat well, play, get away from the screen and do what my body needs to thrive.

I can *be* and have success.

In fact, this year, the less I work, the more success I have.

How does that feel? A bit triggering? Wild? Controversial? Oh, believe me I know!

But what if *being* is our superpower?

What if our simple existence as our true selves is all we need?

What if we reclaimed what success means, handed back the “reality” of 40-80 hour work weeks, and created a new reality for ourselves. One where we can actually take care of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits?

What if we actually found our success in how well we tended to ourselves?

And what if, that is what my body has been trying to communicate this whole time?

Can you imagine what relief and reclamation we may feel if we surrender to the radical idea of rest? I mean it. What if we chose to define success in how we love and care for ourselves instead of how we brand, push and shame ourselves?

Loves, this month all the content on my Website, Insight Timer, and Instagram is highlighting this topic: Being is your superpower.

Especially as we enter the holiday season, when life gets crazy, conversation escalates, food and drink take a wild turn, being is your superpower.

It’s safe to rest.

It’s safe to be well-boundaried.

It’s safe to not have all the answers.

It’s safe to say no.

It’s safe to say yes.

It’s safe to be, you.

Over on Insight Timer, I have a new FREE meditation to support you on this *being* journey and I would love to know how this lands with you! Hit reply and fill me in!

Reclamation is Ours,


© 2021 Megs Colleen LTD